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Player Rules
1. Team Attacking, Team Killing
The only type of TK/TH tolerable is accidental. Intentional TK/TH is strictly forbidden. You will be warned or banned, depending of your previous punishments. Revenge TK/TH is not allowed. (This includes kicking/punching or any form of griefing your teammates.) Autobans are counted as warnings.

2. Delaying
Do not run away or hide if you are the last player or players in your team. Also, if there are only archers/horse archers in your team, shoot-and-run tactics is not allowed. Dueling isn't allowed on battle servers if there are a lot of players (20+) on the server. If you are seen delaying, you will be warned, then slayed. Running to the edge of the map to delay the round is not allowed.

3. Glitching
It's not allowed to use glitches to gain an unfair advantage. If you are doing this, you will be warned, then slayed. Please report possible unbalanced glitches to the administrators. Glitching includes hitting through doors (the ones with no holes) or jumping/otherwise entering places where other players can't reach without using specific methods. Leaving the server or joining spectator mode just before dying only to rejoin the game is also forbidden.

4. Assisting Enemy Team
It isn't allowed to avoid attacking your friends or clan mates if they play in another team. You don't have to attack any enemy you see but if it's obvious that you're in collusion with someone, you'll be warned, then kicked or slayed or even banned. Ill-intentioned gate opening will be considered as colluding too. As a special case, it's not allowed to assist an enemy to earn an achievement. The unfair achievement will be removed, new achievements can be blocked so you won't be able to earn them for some time. Playing without weapons or letting yourself be freely killed continuously is not allowed.

5. Cheating
If it is discovered you are cheating, you will be banned forever. This includes use of 3rd party software or ill-intentioned modification of game files.

6. Scamming
Scamming (selling/buying mercenaries gold without giving the other trader the promised payment) is permabannable.

7. Insulting/Trolling
Insults, rude comments are not allowed. If you insult someone, you will be warned, if such behavior continues, you will be muted. No troll usernames are allowed. Racist or otherwise discriminating remarks are instantly muteable. Racist or discriminating names are bannable.

8. Provoking/Insulting Admins
Provoking or insulting an admin is not allowed ("admin is an idiot", "admin should not have this job" etc.). If you are doing this, you will be told to stop. If such behavior continues, you will be muted. If you think an admin is not doing his work properly, you should make a report with a proof of his abusive actions.

9. Reporting
If you notice a player severely breaking the rules/repeatedly breaking them, you can make a report describing what rule he broke, when he did it, and how often he does it. Requesting a punishment of a player who isn't breaking the rules is forbidden. Supply the report with evidence if possible.

10. Ban Evading
Ban evading is instantly bannable, and will cause any later keys to be permabanned and extends the first key.

Duel Rules
(Only applicable on the duel server.)

No hidden weapons
When a player accepts your duel, don't pull out ranged/other weapon which was concealed when you offered the duel.

Other players' duels
Do not interrupt ongoing duels of other players intentionally.

Admin Rules
Admins are not allowed to use their admin tools for reasons other than peacekeeping and it is strictly forbidden to use the admin chat for a general talk.

Admins are not allowed to mute, kick or ban players without warnings. After enough warnings, admins can mute or ban a player for 18 hours if it's their first punishment. If the player keeps receiving warnings, he can be punished for a longer period: 3 days, 7 days and then 14 days. If he keeps breaking the rules after a 14-day ban, he can be banned forever by a chief admin. The rules regarding racism are an exception to this.

Forum Rules
What is not allowed
  • Off-topic: threads/posts that are not related to the topic.
  • Flood, spam, short meaningless posts.
  • Hard-to-read posts: posting excessively in capital letters, consecutive posting, etc.
  • Posting in languages other than English.
  • Insulting, racism. Posting nazi symbols.
  • Obscene content: porno, erotica, etc.
  • Struggling with actions of a moderator: reposting, reverting edits, registering new accounts etc.
  • Vandalism: making broken/ugly custom titles, signatures, etc.
  • Posting someone's personal information or links to personal information.
Posting recommendations
  • Give new topics relevant titles rather than nonsensical ones.
  • Don't use quotes if it's obvious what you are replying to (for example, if it's a second post in a thread).
  • Quotes shouldn't be too large. Remove some inner quotes if needed.
  • Put large images into a spoiler tag.