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The history of Calradia IC

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 00:08

An hour later Elena and her knights bought all needed food and cleaned their armour so it started to shine even more than before. Elena also noticed that some weird person in black clothes following them the whole time what her warband stayed in this town. She didn't give much attention to this, there are a lot of weird people in the Rhodokian towns.
Lady didn't know what to do with her revenge now, the guards at the gate said that a strange knight hasn't been seen entering the town. She already wanted to give an order to stay in Veluca for tonight and in the morning she would decide what to do next, but suddenly she was distracted by an old woman in black clothes, who touched the plate boot on Elena's leg. It was the same person who had been following her warband for past hour.
"Lady..." - Whispered woman, while she stared at Elena's armour, and her voice didn't sound old at all - "I know what you need...Elena."
"What are you talking about? And how do you know who I am?"
- Elena replied quickly. She was a brave knight, but was scared of everything supernatural and unknown.
"Oh, child, I know more about yourself that even you do..."
- Quietly said the woman as only a smile could be seen on her half covered face as her black hood shrouded the rest.
"You are searching for the knight with the red-and-black banner. I've seen his warband."
When Elena's heard this, she opened her blue eyes wide, forgetting the fear, she put her hand on the stranger's shoulder and almost shouted:
"Tell me! Where did they go!?"
"I saw them when they turned to the road which leads to Chaeza village, less than two hours ago."
Elena smiled evilly, as she pulled a golden coin from her pouch and placed it into the old woman's hand.
"Thank you for the information."
The woman took the coin and disappeared in the crowd.
"My glorious knights, are you ready to move out?"
- Said Elena with determination in her voice.
"Yes, milady. We are always ready to follow your orders."
"We will go to Chaeza. Moving out! Prepare to ride as fast as we can, we will catch these bastards tonight!"
With these words Elena turned her horse around and rode to the Velucian back gates.
The sun was already close to the skyline, making the clouds pink and yellow, and the contours of Chaeza village could be seen in the distance. She stopped her horse and raised her hand making the warband to stop.
"We don't know where enemies are, but we should stay quiet. Don't gallop, or somebody will hear us coming."
Elena's warband slowly rode closer and closer to the Chaeza and stopped near the entrance.
"...Bloody Khergit mule!"- someone shouted in the silence of the cold evening air.
Elena gave a sign to dismount, raised a visor of her sallet and whispered:
"We will leave our horses here and go check what's going on in this village."
They went behind the closest old wooden building, same as most of the others in this small village. When they passed the stables Elena noticed a shadow moving in the doorway. In the dull evening light like a drop of the blood flashed the red-and-black banner. Lady stopped and forgot how to breath for a second.
"They are here." - She whispered evilly - "We will wait for a while, let's see what will happen."
Surprisingly this didn't take long, after an hour of tense waiting the useless guard fell asleep.
One word was enough to decide the destiny of unlucky man. Elena snuck up to the sleeping person, she drew her long sword which shined like a star in the moonlight and raised it above her head... and the guard suddenly opened his eyes just as lady was about to pierce his chest.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 18:46

The night was peaceful, it wasn't raining but the night was quite warm. Aether thought about his homeland, but quickly stratched the thought off his mind. He wasn't sleeping long, most of the time he was looking up, because he kept thinking someone is in the shadows. Maybe there was someone there, maybe there wasn't, but Aether tried to fall asleep again.
After some time, he opened his eyes again, and suddenly hearing some kind of a weapon thrusting out, then a loud scream. And after, silence...
Aether and his men immiedientally reacted and got up, drawing their swords, but Aether instead drew his twohanded longsword.
Aether didn't have many men but every single one of them was an experienced man, knowing how to strike well and defend well. Aether looked at the enemy forces, 5 knights. One looked different from all the rest 4, but that didn't really matter at that time.
"If you won't surrender we'll gut every single one of you, be wise!" Aether shouted, hoping they will withdraw. Aether doesn't want to spill blood.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 20:00

'Oh no...' Thought Elena and at the same moment she heard a loud scream while she pierced the enemy's chest. She also heard the sound of swords being drawn, but her own heartbeat was louder. Lady and her knights stopped moving for a second but then Elena pulled her sword out of the dead body, making a rain of blood. Then someone's low voice in the darkness asked to surrender. Elena recognized that this voice belongs to the evil mysterious knight who was involved in the murder of her two best warriors.
"Oh well, now there's no point to hide anymore." - She made a sign to her knights to draw their swords and get ready to the fight.
"Why would I surrender to you?! Your guards meanly killed two of my knights in the forest by Veluca! I came here for revenge and with all my heart I want your death!" - Shouted Elena in rage, she then closed the visor of her helmet and took a fighting pose ready to attack.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 22:17

Aether really hoped he will reach Jelkala without any blood spilt, but this failed. He heard a voice, of a woman. Does this surprise him? No, somehow not.
"I admire your passion and fire in you to revenge, you're vengeful but we didn't kill anyone on our journey. It is not is you seek, we're heading only to Jelkala." Aether replied, trying to hold his anger back.
"You killed an innocent man, I can't ignore that. If you want blood, go ahead, but we are not attacking first."
Aether added, getting ready for a fight.
His men were ready for everything, they got nothing, they are ready to die in a good fight.
"We can drop our weapons and talk, if not, charge. I haven't tasted the bitter taste of blood for a long time." Aether added...

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 23:14

The lady was surprised that he didn't charge immediately, when he saw his guard dead. Elena has a short-tempered character, but usually she doesn't attack first.
'What...? He doesn't want to admit his crime. Just like all men do. Most of them don't care about honour, they do anything they want! But I'm sure I'm not mistaken, this person should die.'
"You're saying that you aren't involved in this? But in the forest behind they could only have been your guards! Oh, and your "innocent man" was sleeping while he was supposed to be guarding you. That useless trash deserved his death, if you'll act like this you won't survive long in this world."
Elena's voice sounded a bit nervous but still confident. She didn't want to hear his excuses and charged forward, holding her sword close.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 23:26

Aether was furious, what she said was not appreciated.
He saw her charging at him, he blocked the first swing and did the same to many more. His men were fighting the enemy knights, to him it seemed his men were winning. But is it true?
"Not good enough!" One of his men shouted, and the rest laughed. To Aethers men, this fight is a warm-up. They have been through worse.
Aether still resisted to attack, but after many blocks, he got struck in his arm. He could feel the pain, that's when he realised the enemy was serious about this.
Aether blocked once more and he finally attacked with an overhead but it missed completely, then a left swing which she blocked. Finally Aether struck her in the lower part of her leg, but did it do any damage? Was the fight won?

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 00:35

Only one thought was in Elena's head when she charged - 'I will avenge!'
The strange knight was a good swordsman, as expected. He swung his two handed sword effortlessly through the air, as if it was as light as a feather. Even his guards seemed better than her knights, even laughed while they fought. 'How dare they?! I will do everything I can for the sake of my knights!'
Attack and block, block and attack, again and again in a beautiful dance of the death.
"Ha!" - shortly laughed Elena when she finally managed to hit enemy once, but sadly it was just a scratch. She was trained to kill enemies fast, she wasn't strong enough for a drawn out fight, but however this was the first time she fought someone that skilled. Fast and furious.
Elena had not move fast enough and a sharp pain pierced her left leg. She fell to her knee and the helmet flew off lady's head, releasing her flamy hair, resembling her fighting spirit.
'No. No! I won't lose this. It's my fight, my destiny...I will fight to the death.' She swung her sword forward, as fast as she could, with what little strength remained in her small hands.

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 13:25

She is still fighting, Aether tried to avoid spilling blood but this can't be done if there are people like her, not listening.
Aether's hit did damage to her leg, so much it forced her to fell to her knee and her helmet springing off. Aether isn't in for honour, he is from the steppes, why should he spare her life? He doesn't care if she is a woman, she killed one of his men and deserves to die.
He saw her swinging her sword in front of her, still on her knee, Aether simply blocked the hit and knocked the sword out of her hands with ease. He then kicked her to the ground and said, ""My men don't have any ranged, besides, there was a Vinrothian force in that forest, propably armed with some ranged weapons. I again repeat, we have not attacked anyone in that forest."
Aether is inspired by her bravery but on the other hand, he hates her stupidity.
"Now, do you wish to continue fighting, or do you want to hear more of my 'excuses'?" Aether added.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 11:26

Roran rode through the valley of Veluca to the South. His now healed illnes and the dropping morale of his mercenaries, combined with the Rhodoks ending the contract with his Bittersteel Company had made him rethink his descisions and travel South. He would avoid this raging war for a moment in order to give his men some rest, real rest. After counting the men they concluded that about 37 had perished, and 43 deserted. Combined they had lost some 80 men, a heavy cost for the 823 knights and 186 supporting personnel. Now their company only counted 774 knights and 155 mounted footmen, a grand total of 929 men.

He would resupply in Jelkala, from where he'd travel North-East. He had received word from the Khergit invasion, and he knew the Vaegirs relied on mercenaries to protect their lands. His company would be most welcome stopping the Khergit invasion, as the only soldiers rivalling the Khergit horsemen were Sarranid Mamlukes, rarely found outisde the deserts, and Swadian knights, a rarity nowadays. Despite large numbers of them serving the Swadian crown, the quality of them had dropped significantly over the past years. Partially thanks to development of infantry tactics and weapons, but also due to the chaos and doom in Swadia, only recently healed.

His men rode fast, glad that theire chain of command was restored, and sooner than expected they crossed Chaeza, where they found a graveyard in the making. Roran, having his lance in hand as he usually did while travelling, arrived at the scene a few minutes later with his personal retinue of most trusted men. The small campfire and sounds had duided them through the darkness where the fire revealed about a dozen of fighting figures.

"Stop! By the might of 900 armed men, I command you to halt your battle!" He said with a deep and loud voice. He himself stopped his horse 15 meters from the fighting men. To his surprise he clearly recognised Khergit soldiers, somewhat disguised in sloppy outfits. The other combatants were knights obviously, but gravely outnumbered. One of them had sunken on a knee while the rest had managed well so far. To his surprise he noticed the Khergits being rather good duelists. In his experiences Khergits were born warriors, with the sword, lance and bow. They were ruthless and efficient. But, were no duelists. They could defeat most enemies while mounted using their superior tactics, but in a 'fair' man to man fight, their value was lower. Perhaps this was a retinue of veteran soldiers?

He frowned when he noticed one of the Khergits outing a terrifying laughter combined with a roar and charged in his direction. Perhaps it was bloodlust and the confusion of the dark that had made the man charge, but Roran didn't doubt the man's fate if he'd get any closer. Perhaps their commander had fallen? Flashed through his mind when he recognised a corpse lying on the ground.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 12:13

Lyonell was sitting in his tent, in the siege camp close to Castle Rifffolk.

Even after executing half of the surviving garrison of Gweedhold, cutting of the hands and blinding the other half the garrison at Rifffolk didnt surrender, and Charles could come back any day. Things were not going as planned, and after two unidentified Knights were shot and killed in the forest, its to be expected that someone would come around soon enough.

His thoughts were interrupted by a battle horn.
"They are sallying out! Battle positions!" Someone shouted.

Standing up he called for his squires to help him with his armour. The battle had already begun when he mounted his horse and took his lance from a Squire.
He rode up on a small height to see how things were going.
They had broken through the lines.
Vintrothian Marksmen and Men at Arms were fighting a bloody battle.

Sir Lancerlot and Sir Helgrimson rode up behind him.
Lancerlot spoke, "The Knights are ready for orders, so are the Halberdiers."

Lyonell quickly gave his orders.
"Good, Sir Lancerlot, take the cavalry around and attack the enemy in the rear, they wont expect it... I am sure, Sir Helgrimson, lead the Halberdiers down to the front lines, hold the line until you can see the cavalry, then advance and crush them! Leave no one alive..."

Understanding their orders they quickly rode off.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 14:48

Elena heard a clanging sound of blocked attack and her sword fell on the ground.
'I missed... At least I will die in a fight, for the honour of my knights.'
But enemy just kicked her so she fell on her back, looking upwards at his face. The serious face with dark eyes.
Elena's rage faded away, maybe one wound was enough to make her think clearly.
'I see he want to speak, not fight. Maybe I was wrong?' - Fast thought appeared in her mind.
She just laid there quietly and listened to knight's words. He said that his men doesn't have any ranged, but Elena's knights were shot from crossbow. So she made a mistake, doesn't she? Most likely yes, there was also the Vintrothian knight with his warband on that cursed road. But Elena didn't expect them to be careful enough to have hidden guards in the forest. But she should have paid more attention to Vintrothian knight.
"Now, do you wish to continue fighting, or do you want to hear more of my 'excuses'?" - Asked the knight, and by his voice lady could hear that he tried to hold back his anger.
"Do I want to keep fighting?" - Slowly said Elena, "No, I don't. If you aren't lying it means I did a terrible mistake."
As lady finished that sentence she heard a sound of many horseshoes hitting the road. Then someone shouted in the darkness but she didn't hear this already as she lost consciousness like a true lady.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 20:21

Lyonell was standing upon the hill still with Sir Theretor as his personal bodyguard as battle raged below.

The Halberdeir Guards led by Sir Helgrimson was holding the line. Soon Lancerlot's force of heavy cavalry came out of the forest behind them and charged into the back of their lines. As this happened, Helgrimson ordered his men forward.

Lyonell turned his head to Theretor and put on his helmet.
"I think its time to join the battle good Sir."
"Of course MyLord" Theretor said and drew his sword.

After the battle

Lyonell was still sitting on his horse, the battle was won, losses were heavier then expected but still acceptable. Lyonell never really got into the thick of the fighting, he used his lance to kill an enemy swordsman before using his mace to smash another man that went right for him.
Castle Rifffolk was now free for grabs and with it the title of Duke. Charles would for sure come back to get his title back, but for now the title of Duke was for Vintroth.

It was a bloody Lancerlot that rode up to him.
Great work out there Sir Lancerlot. We have won, this war is over.. for now. I will make sure to reward you and everyone else that deserve it, but for now, I ask you to take care of our men, let them rest and make sure they get food and drink! I will return to Castle Vintroth at once, the news must be spread of our Victory and that we Vintrothians hold the title of Duke once more!"


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Posted 06 April 2013 - 22:17

(Just to clarify, I'm not fighting you Rornab. Forget it. Go harass Vinroth.)

Aether finally realised what he missed, battle. He's still a Khergit by blood, the desire for blood will never change but he left the steppes mainly because he wants to change.
She finally came to her senses, she realised what she did was too quickly decided. But suddenly, she just faded away, lost conciousness. But he also heard a speech given by a man in the distance with a lot of knights, he quickly realised he needs to get out of here.
"You know the drill, go your ways and we'll meet up by the river near Jelkala. Go!" Aether shouted, sheathing his sword and wondering what to do. 'I may be a Khergit by blood, but that doesn't mean I have to be one' he quickly thought and roughly picked his enemy up, trying to get them saddled up...

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 22:37

Roran shook his head when most of the armed men bolted off towards their horses. The charging man had just been a distraction. He made an annoyed movement with his hand and sighed. He spurred his horse forwards and arrived near the remaining men, baffled by the sudden end of the fight. Even without his orders a part of his retinue had chased the fleeing men, at least 4 of them following their apparant leader who had taken the lady with him.

Roran quickly followed his other men, while some others remained near the outnumbered knights.

A few minutes later however he found himself lost in the forest, rubbing his cheek where a stealthy branch had whipped open his face. They had escaped, no way of finding them back in the dark. These men certainly were pretty skilled, escaping into the dark with perfect coordination like that. He shook his head and returned to the battle scene, accompagnied by the other chasers, somewhat disappointed in their own failure.

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Posted 07 April 2013 - 22:31

Elena felt that someone was moving her around. She opened her blue eyes and realised that she was carried by her enemy.
"What are you doing?! Don't touch me, you Khergit dog!"
With these words Elena started hitting the knight's chest with her small hands in plate gauntlets, but he completely ignored lady's actions and just shouted orders to his guards. Then the enemy put her on the horse, mounted it and rode forward using all speed which could get his white courser.
'So they are going to Jelkala. I guess I have to forget about my revenge for a while, but I will deal with it for sure. I lost my warband and almost died myself. But next time I won't make the same mistake.'
- Thought the lady while they rode out of the Chaeza.
Elena understood that the new person on the road behind them isn't friendly at all so she just quietly sat there and tried not to fall off the horse.
Surprisingly fast they rode through the trees, zigzagged between them. Few minutes later the sound of horseshoes hitting the ground behind them disappeared, luckily to Elena and that khergit knight.

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Posted 07 April 2013 - 23:42

Aether ignored the hits she kept delivering as he placed her on the horse, then his courser reached the speed no other horse could. Aether knows how to ride, he's a Khergit afterall. His horse easily got through the trees and after some minutes, the rhythm of the horseshoes hitting the ground was gone, the large party of knights stopped chasing them. It's a lucky day for Aether, and his enemy.
He rode a long way, with his enemy on his horse. She didn't seem to move often, didn't say a single word. 'She still wants war. Sooner or later it will kill her.' Aether thought to himself, hoping she will calm herself.
After some time, they reached the place they were supposed to meet the men. As it was night already, Aether was thinking about camping to wait for the other men.
"Im waiting here for my men, if you don't want to, you're free to go." Aether loudly said, not expecting an answer. He simply lied down, but he had his sword next to him, just incase she wants to do something stupid again.
"Take care of your cut." Aether added, then looking at the stars, waiting for his men. Will they even come? Aether hopes at least one will.

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Posted 08 April 2013 - 14:16

The road to Jelkala was long and boring, only fields and mountains around. Few times they met peasants who slowly walked along the dusty road. Elena was silent all the time while they rode, her enemy didn't drop any words too. Just road dust and silence, whole day. And pain. Her wounded leg started to hurt more and more.
'What will I do now? I don't know...Hope at least one of my knights will survive and come. I don't want to stay alone in this unfriendly world.'
It was already evening when they turned to the left, moved down from the road and stopped in the shadow of the trees which hide them from the eyes of travelers on the road.
Elena tried to jump off the horse but pain pierced her leg and she almost fell down. Khergit knight said that he's going to wait here for his men, lady wanted to do the same, she couldn't do anything else now anyway. Riding whole day was tiresome so she just sat, leaned her back to the tree and closed her eyes.
"Take care of your cut." - Said her enemy.
He was right, better take off this armour and look at the wound which kept annoyingly hurt. Elena heard the sound of the river somewhere behind the trees, so she got up and limped while walked there holding onto the trees.
When she was sure that khergit man can't see her, Elena took off all the armour and underwear. Cool water gently fondled her white skin and made pain in her leg to become less strong. When she finished washing her hair she looked around to be sure that no one can see her, Elena came out of water, tore off a strip of cloth from her shirt and bandaged her wounded leg.
The lady noticed that light of camp fire coming from the place where they stopped. Night was going to be cold but Elena didn't want to wear armour again, needed some rest from it, so she wore her long shirt, picked up armour and slowly walked back to the camp.
Her enemy laid near the camp fire and looked like he was sleeping, but his sword was near.
'I see he still think I can kill him. Good, he should be careful.'
Elena came closer to the warmth of the fire and sat there, looked at the dancing flames and listened to the crackling of wood.

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Posted 08 April 2013 - 17:33

Aether noticed that she went down to the river, or at least its direction as the trees covered it all up. He started a small bonfire to keep the animals away or bandits, but he mainly did it for his enemy, afterall, she still might be afraid of the night. Aether personally doesn't care, he's a Khergit and he knows how to defend himself, this time he won't be so honourable and will kill anyone without hesitation if they make a stupid move.
After some time, he could see someone approaching his camp, but it was her but in a long shirt without her armour, still somehow wet, especially her hair. It looked like she went into the river, 'I wonder how cold the river is now', he thought to himself. She also bandaged her leg with some cloth, that reminded Aether about his cut on his hand. He looked at it but it didn't look bad, so he simply decided he will continue to stare into the sky. He really hopes one of his men comes back, he knew them all a very long time and it will be a real shame if they died or are imprisoned. Aether also fears that his enemy will decide to do something stupid again, that's why he has a sword next to him. He won't kill her if she tries that again, but he won't be too kind to her, she needs to realise what she has done is wrong, but Aether won't tell her that. He won't say anything, but will reply if he will be asked something. Or maybe he will?
'This waiting is plain stupid, I fear none of my men will come. If that's the case, I'm going to Jelkala without stopping. If I get rejected there, I will return to Alagur and beg for his forgiveness, so I can return to my former power and have my own party of men, under my commands. But I hate the leadership of Alagur, he manipulates many and is a cruel man, but many can say the same about me, I'm a Khergit and I used to be a warlord of a party, raiding villages and killing innocent men and women, but that is history. That's why I left the steppes, to change. But the road of changing is a long road, with many obstacles. I plan to join the Stormcrow company, and I hope my skills will be put to good use there.'
Aether thought, it was a rather big thought and took him quite some time.
He kept looking at the stars, counting some of them as he was waiting for his men, but each minute gone made him think his men won't come.
Silence, all that time near the bonfire, no one speaking, Aether could just see the female knight sitting by the bonfire. The night is cold indeed, especially for her as she just had long shirt. Aether still looked at the stars, getting lost in counting every time, but that's better than doing nothing.
After so many hours of waiting in the cold, there was movement not far away, it sounded just like horseshoes hitting the ground, but that may be Aether's mind playing tricks on him. Or is that actually his men returning?

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Roran 13
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Posted 09 April 2013 - 00:54

Roran cursed the Khergit horsemen and had a word with the knights remaining at the battle site. He quickly learned that their mistress, Lady Elena, had been taken hostage by the Khergit's leader. His honour forbid standing idle while witnessing such actions, and he set out a chase together with the knights serving this strange female knight and a part of his own retinue. He wanted to find out exactly what had been going on, and travelled towards the river near Jelkala, where the leader of the other warband had said they'd meet again. Late in the night they arrived there, seeing the lights from the town piercing the dark skies.

He smelled smoke, but noticed the wind coming from Jelkala, and dismissed his suspicions. He couldn't rely on smell if all smoke from the entire city would blow here. He ordered his men to a halt to look for tracks. He expected the ones he was searching would have created a campfire, but it must've been well-hidden. He hadn't seen any light nor smoke yet.

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 21:45

The night was cold and windy. Elena moved as close to the fire as she could but this didn't help much. It was wonderful to lay under the stars in the moonlight but she was tired from traveling already, she wanted to wake up in her bed, wear a beautiful dress in the morning. But only for couple of days, the life of a noble women would be boring for Elena, in her soul was more of a knight than a lady. She was known as Wild Elena, for her short-tempered character and love for battles. Now she just laid there, thought of her life and looked at her enemy. But was he really her enemy? She didn't know.
The lady couldn't stand the icy wind of this night anymore and decided to put on her armour again. The Khergit man stared at her when she got up and started wearing it.
"Don't stare at me! It's rude to look at lady when she's changing clothes!" - Said Elena in offended tone. Knight didn't reply and just turned away.
When she put on the last piece of her armour she heard that they weren't alone anymore. Elena picked up her sword from the ground and put her small hand on the handle when she could clearly hear the sound of a few horsemen approaching the camp. The Khergit man got up and picked up his sword too. Both of them didn't know what to expect.
The approaching knights had torches and in the light of one of them she noticed a red banner with a white head of the wolf. Events of the previous night quickly passed through her mind. It was that knight with a big army from whom they escaped! Elena didn't know if he was a friend or an enemy, but her heart shouted that she should run away. The lady looked at the man who stood next to her and without saying any words in a second they already mounted the white courser.

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