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The history of Calradia IC

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#21 Lord_Anden, ArchDuke of Vintroth

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 06:53

Someone was asking him who he was.. Interesting...
"Well.. To make it simple.. Count Lyonell III of Vintroth, Count of Vintroth, Count of Westway and the Great Lord of House Vintroth, Rightful Duke of Vintroth, Commander and Keeper of the House, Knight Commander of the Order of the Black Aquila. That would be the full titles."

After saying this Lyonell watched Apophis closely for his reaction.

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 08:32

Apophis looked amazed...
A Vinroth commander right in front of him, he knew that they wouldn't let him pass so easily.
Apophis grabbed the handle of his sword and said "We'd like to avoid trouble. All we want is to reach Veluca."
"Now, we don't want any trouble. We will pass through this road and to Veluca, nothing more."

#23 Lord_Anden, ArchDuke of Vintroth

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 11:25

Lyonell frowned. Thoughts went along the lines of: 'Does this "Knight", if he even is a knight, know anything of titles? He should have address me correctly.. Oh well..'
"You dont want trouble, yet you take a hold of your sword?! For that matter.. What business does a company of 'Knights' have in Veluca..?"

Lyonell then looked down on Apophis spurs.

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 22:19

"Bah, I bow to no Vinrothian." Apophis mumbled.
"I am am ex steppe warrior serving under Alagur Khan, however we left his service some days ago and we are travelling to Veluca to search for a new occupation. Maybe we'll enlist to the local garrison, however my true persue is seeking out for BittetSteel company." Apophis said quite loudly.
"You may think of me a Khergit pillaging barbarian. I left the Khanate for that. I however will own up, I looted two Swadian villages, I was ordered to. But now I escaped the bloodthirsty barbarians. I'm seeking a new life, to re-live it"

#25 lancerlot, God of Food

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 23:17

Lancerlot walked through the sige camp,checking everything was in order. He have recived orders from the count not to charge yet. The count wished to starv the traped animals. Lancerlot however wished to see the streets of Gweedhold coverd in blood. He had to be entertained. Lancerlot reaced the main center of the camp. His blood thirst had him arranged a fight between two prisoners.

The soldiers gathered around the two prisoners. Beting on who the winner would be.Only one man would com e out of that ring alive. This was going to be a brutal match where everything was permitted, useing only your fist and the stones you could find on the ground to kill your opponent. This was something Lancerlot useky did to get the men in good spirit while waiting. As the fight continued and he saw how the men did their very best to sutvive eachother, Lancerlot slowly sunk into his thoughts, all the cruel things he had done for his company to stay happy. It was indeed evil things, but necessary evil.

One of the men feel to the ground with a smashed skull, the other man was exhausted and did his best to look cheerful. The shouts of the men cheering for the winner woke Lancerlot up from his thoughts. It was late. He returned to his tent to get some sleep.

That night Lancerlot could not get a minute of sleep. Seeing faces of all the people that had fallen to his sword. Many more of these nights were to come.

((OOC: I will fix shit later in this post :D ))

#26 Lord_Anden, ArchDuke of Vintroth

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Posted 16 March 2013 - 10:54

Luckily Lyonell didnt hear what Apophis mumbled.
"The Bittersteel company, I have heard of those I think, a company of outcasts.. Seems to fit you then if you broke an oath. However, I dont really care as it was not to me. Hmm..
What villages did you raid?"

Lyonell frowns and puts a hand on his sword.
"If you have touched my family's resources, you will pay for it, one way or another, by gold or blood, by silver or steel."

#27 MitsukiAkai, Evil queen

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Posted 16 March 2013 - 22:11

Lady Elena suddenly stopped horse and raised hand, ordering her warband to stop too.
"I see a group of knights on the road. It most likely doesn't mean anything good, we will go around, through the forest."
"Yes, milady."
The group of knights and their lady turned left, from the road to the dark forest and kept going slowly, so possible enemies won't catch them.
When Elena's group passed close to those mysterious knights, she couldn't resist her curiosity and quietly ordered to stop again.
"Wait here, I will go take a look on these strange people on the road." - She whispered.
"But milady, it could be dangerous."
"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."
- Elena answered and dismounted. She jumped from the horse with her natural grace and elegance, even when she wore heavy armour. Lady hid behind the trees and sneaked closer to the grop of knights. They don't look dangerous, she even could hear them speak peacefully.
"...we are travelling to Veluca to search for a new occupation. Maybe we'll enlist to the local garrison, however my true persue is seeking out for BittetSteel company."
- Loudly said a knight on the white horse. He and his companions wear armour with strange red banner with black dots, which she had never seen before. In leader of the other group Elena recognized someone from Vintroth, she knew how looks their black-and-yellow banner.
'I don't know what they are doing here. But that red knight just gave me and idea. BitterSteel company...I heared about them.' - Thought Elena and smiled under her helmet. She quietly and slowly went back to her warband. With one fast move Elena mounted her horse, turned around and ordered, still quiet but clearly -
"We will go to the Veluca! Forward!"

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:42

After hearing out Lyonell, Apophis began to walk his horse closer, and said,
"I have looted the villages close to the Khergit border, for food and resources. How can I loot a village with 10 men? All of my men deserted when I said we're not going to join the Khergit invasion. I'm not sure if you can call the BitterSteels that, as you are outcasts yourself.
Apophis ordered his small warband to advance and ignore the man on the horse.
I hope we'll bump into eachother again. Apophis quietly whispered.

#29 Lord_Anden, ArchDuke of Vintroth

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:53

Lyonell sighed and rolled his eyes at this man's stupidity.
"Dont you understand?! My family have secured resources all over Swadia, we dont need to own a village to make sure we get a piece of whats being made!

Now halt! In the name count!

Lyonell drew his sword.
The names?

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:58

"I see you still persist." Apophis replied, then his warband drawing swords and he himself.
"The name of the villages are Ehlerdah and Yalibe, right now they are propably in smoke. Now, is that enough to satisfy you?"
"I don't want to spill blood, I know you got some men hid in there, it was rather obvious. But if you won't let us go, you have a guaranteed fight, and my men won't give up so easily."

#31 Roran 13, Sandorra's practice target

Roran 13
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Posted 17 March 2013 - 12:25

Roran sheathed his sword and opened the klapvisier of his helmet. He spat out some blood, after biting his tongue during the progress of blocking a couched lance with his shield. Even though their surprise attackj had been extremely succesful, the Swadian cavalry had been quick to react. The fields before Grunwalder castle's steep hills and walls were littered with slain men. Most of them wore Swadian coat of arms, but amongst them also a minority of Rhodokian soldiers, and more rarely a fallen Bittersteel knight. After counting the losses his company had taken, he grimaced. Their surprise attack had been extremely effective. Only 12 of their ranks had died today, compared to the massive amount of slain and captured Swadians, reaching well over 1000 enemies.

The sceptic Rhodokian generals met him few hours after the battle, some of them uncomfortable after seeing the devastating effect of the combined attack. Some were more impressed by the fearless charge of the Bittersteel knights, while others were enviously peeking at those ranks of Yalenean handgonners.

The meeting only lasted a short while. Swadia was beaten back, their tails between their legs, hurrying to the North. Despite the great victory here, it was merely a blooded nose that Swadia had sustained. It did however raise the morale in the Rhodokian camp and spread vthe fame of Roran's company, much to his own liking.

Hear this Bergan? One day I'll bring you to justice.

The combined RHosok army was now marching North, to pursue the Swadian army. The Bittersteel company was still following in their wake, making the ample cavalry the Rhodoks had bleach in comparison.

#32 Lord_Anden, ArchDuke of Vintroth

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 14:42

Lyonell pauses for a second, thinking.

I dont know those, so its no villages I care about. I dont fight without reason, some men do however, are you one of them?

Lyonell looked him right in the eyes after saying this but the sound of a horse made him look over Apohis shoulder.

Soon the rider stops, a messenger.
M'Lord! Castle Gweedhold have surrendered!

Lyonell turned his horse towards the forest.
Form up! We march for Castle Gweedhold!
Vintrothian Marksmen and Man at Arms starts coming out of the forest and starts forming up on the road.
Looking to Apophis Lyonell says in a clear voice.
I am sure we will meet again, Good luck.

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 21:57

"Many men fight for no cause, but I am not one of them." Apophis replied, as Lyonell was heading back.
As Apophis was returning to his company, he spotted a knight, riding away, with some more. But that knight was different. Not normal, careful. There's something different about that knight.
"We're back on track, gallop through the forest and stop when you exit the forest. From there we should see the orchards of Veluca." Apophis loudly said. He drew his sword and took a quick look at it, then sheathed it. 'This sword, looks so useless, yet is dangerous' Apophis thought to himself, as he was closing the klapp of his helmet.
"Let no one stop you. Ride like the wind." Apophis aded, then pushed his horse forward, and started galloping onto Veluca.

#34 MitsukiAkai, Evil queen

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Posted 19 March 2013 - 22:19

When the knights got out the forest, Elena noticed that two of them aren't by her side.
"What's going on!? Did anybody notice where those two gone?"
- Elena raised her voice and evilly stared at the knights.
"No, we didn't. We're sorry, milady."
The lady deeply sighed, looked down while thinking. Then her facial expression changed from seriously-thoughtful to confident and she gave an order:
"Well, you two, come back to the forest and check, maybe they got lost."
The knights, who were told to go back to search for the lost, left the group and disappeared in the dark forest, which looked very evil and scary now, when Elena knew that two, and then two more of her knights got stuck in there.
"While we wait for them to come back, we should rest here."
- Said the lady, and her voice sounded tired.
While the knights sat near the bonfire and ate their last meal before they will reach Veluca, Elena couldn't rest and enjoy food, so she just walked back and forth in front of the forest, stared at deep darkness of it. She worried about her warband, thought of any possible reasons why these two knights could get lost. 'I think that strange red-and-black knight is involved into this somehow...' As soon as Elena thought about this, light of a bonfire reflected from the armour of her glorious knights. She froze when she noticed that only two knights returned to the camp.
"Milady, we only found dead bodies. Someone shot them, they've got crossbow bolts in their heads."
- Quietly said one knight while other one just looked down with seal of sadness on his face. Elena could move again, but her blue eyes were still frozen, like two pieces of ice. She made a step forward, drew her sword, stuck it into the ground and quietly, but with rage in her voice, said:
"I swear to god, I will revenge their deaths!"

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Posted 25 March 2013 - 22:27

OT - I've been forced to reply, please expect some mistakes as usual :-/

This decision surely shocked many of his men, but the decision has been made.
"We shall travel to Jelkala, ignoring Veluca. I will give you a good reason why when we are half way to Jelkala. Don't enter the city, go around it and get on the road to Jelkala." Apophis loudly spoke out in front of his Warband as they were thst close from the walls of Veluca. Why did he change his decision, and why right now? Surely something important changed his mind, but what.
His company took a sharp right and riding around the city, eventually getting on the road leading to Jelkala. The road itself will be a crucial test for him and his company, many bandits are hiding away, waiting for the perfect moment to deliver a crucial hit. Apophis and his small warband will have to watch out, they may be killed or taken captive. These bandits have no mercy, all they understand is money. Only thing they get on well with. But for Apophis, and many others, money doesn't grow on trees. 
"Sir, we want a reason why we are heading to Jelkala!" One of his men shouted.
"You followed me from the Khanate, you were always loyal. Very well, this is why I no longer wish to visit Veluca.
My real reason was to enlist to the Bittersteel company, but I just...lost a reason why. Therefore I'm heading to Jelkala, to the Stormcrow mercenary company. If you want, come, if not, Veluca's that way." Apophis replied, with a serious facial expression. Emotionless.
"How are we sure you won't decide to abandon your journey to Jelkaka like you did to Veluca?" One of his Jen asked.
"That's a very good question. How do I know? The answer is simple, I don't. This is life, we're supposed to enjoy it, not worry about something everytime. I for one don't know what lies ahead of us, but I am curious to find out. All I need is a bunch of crazy soldiers who are skilled and like to have a laugh, and maybe to understand that life is a gift, not a curse." Apophis explained.
After a while, his men drew their swords and one of them said, 'Why not!'
The whole company sheathed their swords and slowly trotted duwn the road, leading to the great prosperous city of Jelkaka...  

(I'll add the colours tomorrow, I'm genually too lazy now.)

#36 Roran 13, Sandorra's practice target

Roran 13
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Posted 26 March 2013 - 16:52

Roran grunted as he lay in his bed. A crossbowbolt had penetrated through his thighplate into his leg, and had infected him with a rather nasty disease. While chasing down the Swadian army, the routers had set up an ambush to delay their pursuers, sacrificing some of their men to delay the enemy. With a large amount of luck, they had succeeded in holding up the entire Bittersteel company. Despite being formed out of Roran's former knights, some were rather anxious facing against the mighty Swadian empire, and the recent murder attempts and bribery offers from Swadia didn't miss their effects. Several knights had already defected to the Kingdom of Swadia, others murdered. Even Roran, while bed-bound was attacked, taking a broad slash over his chest from the dagger. Sooner or later, several knights decided it was best to find their luck elsewhere, and left the company with their pay and equipments. Roran was too weakened to stop them, and surprised himself from not even feeling angry when both his second-in-commands betrayed him. Either he was that far into the realm of the dead, or he sincerely didn't care anymore about the well-being of his company! Not much later he slid into a deep sleep again.

Alagur Khan now let his banners wave over Dhirim. The old stone walls around the center of the city were still opened when his army struck, and the improvised wooden walls around the grown city were quickly overrun. He had already sent his 'scouts' North to destroy any amassing resistance of the Nords and Vaegirs, and infuriate them. He know well enough that men hated it to see enemies invade their lands, especially if they burned it down. Alagur would let his men burn down town after town, village after village, leaving nothing in the wake of their advance. This tactic was solely to anger his foes, and angered foes were easy to defeat.

The Bittersteel Wolf company had halted in Ergellon Castle to give their commander and the other wounded some time to recover. Although they were recuperating, more men deserted than recovered.

#37 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 19:35

Reports came. Swadians had been pushed back for now, and Rhodoks were advancing. Dhrim had fallen, and the smoke rose high and was seen far.

There had also been reports of small confrontations at the south-western border, near Dramug Castle. Tilbaut had been lost to Nords couple years ago, and hadn't been reclaimed yet. The attackers had consisted of Khergit cavalry.

This war being close enough to Tsardom border, and the mercenaries of Korpi had been given order to be ready to move out to defend the border. Not an hour had passed, when the Tsar sent a word that he wanted the soldiers to move out to capital, Reyvadin. Tsardom didn't have too much of its own army, so mercenaries were their best chances.

Next morning, almost every mercenary was heading towards Reyvadin. Only 50 men had been left to protect the hold. It would take them almost 3 weeks to reach Khudan, where they would resupply and get latest reports. They would cross the tundra. It was faster than going through Rivacheg and Curaw, but it was also much harder route. From Khudan it would take them from week to two to reach Reyvadin. 5 weeks of hard traveling. It was a race against time. Most of Korpi's mercenaries were on foot, whereas the attacking Khergits were all fast cavalry. Only their great numbers and long supply lines would slow them down. And the villages they would stop to burn.

Derchios, Tilbaut and Dramug castles would slow them down, but such big army wouldn't stop at them. If anything could.

#38 MitsukiAkai, Evil queen

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 20:25

Early next morning, as soon as the rising sun made tops of the trees shine in red and orange colors, Elena with her small warband of brave knights were already on the road to Veluca. They felt much better after eight hours of rest, but Elena almost didn't sleep. For half of the night she just kept thinking about that mysterious knight.
'I've seen that his warband isn't that big, but he for sure has more guards who were hidden in the forest when sneakily and heartlessly killed two of my glorious knights. It will be hard to fight, but we have to do this, for the sake of our glory and honour...and revenge of course. I'm rarely being evil, but when I do, no one will hide, no one will escape. I will find everyone who hurt me or my friends and punish them cruelly with the power of my sword.'
In couple hours Elena and her knights rode on a dusty road which is leading to the Velucian main gates. Few men in dirty ragged clothes ran away when they noticed the group of knights whose armour was shining in the sunlight. When Elena's warband arrived at the gate, two guards crossed their poleaxes in front of them.
"Stop! What is your business here, in the great town of Veluca?"
Elena took off her helmet, red hair fell on her shoulders like spurts of flame. With the most cute and seductive smile on her face, she said:
"We're searching for another warband, they have a red banner with small yet visible black dots. Did you see them here?"
- Elena's clear voice of a true lady sounded like a beautiful melody. Guards opened their eyes wide, were quiet for a few seconds, then one of them answered:
"No, milady, there's no any warband of knights who entered this town recently."
"Hmm...strange. But we want to get some food and water here, so we will stay in this town for few hours. Can we?"
"Y-y-yes, milady!"
- The guards moved from the road and the lady with her knights entered the town. One of them came alongside her and asked:
"Lady Elena, how did you charm these guards?"
She smiled and whispered:
"My magic always works."
And her ringing laughter echoed from the stone walls of Veluca.

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 00:07

Spoiler (Click to Show)
"I often ask myself, what are we supposed to do in life?" One of Apophis' men said while they slowly were trotting on the road to Jelkala.
"The right things, I suppose. We got to live with our consequences." Apophis slowly replied, looking at the sky.
"You only live once, loot, pillage, drink and laugh." An other soldier said.
"That may have been true in the Khanate, but we're far away from home. We're in the Rhodok lands. Much things tell us apart." Some other soldier replied.
"Shush, we're soon entering Chaeza. We'll rest there for some time and move out again." Apophis said, looking over his shoulder at his soldiers.

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 19:47

Spoiler (Click to Show)
"Sneak into Chaeza quietly, we don't want any trouble" Aether quietly said, while the sun was nearly down. In the Rhodok lands, the nights are cold, most of the times. Windy, rainy, sunny, snowy, the weather here is unpredictable. And miserable too.
The knights dismounted their horses just in front of Chaeza and slowly started to walk to the stables.
"If someone catches us, what then?" One knight asked.
"Then we run for our lives." Gundur replied, that's the name of Aether's other knight.
That's what you would do, the people you call family are all like that." Harold replied, another knight of Aether.
"Bloody Khergit mule!" Gundur shouted out, rather loud.
Shut up, both of you, or our cover will be blown. Aether interrupted quietly, splitting both of them apart.
Aether dropped his belt with his sword on the floor close to him and lied back, so did the other knights.
"Oh Aether, I forgot to tell you. I've seen a small company of knights following our tracks, as I patrolled our backs. They don't look that tough, only 5 men." Destin quietly said.
"Oh, now you tell me? They could of been spies or assassins or whatnot sent by Alagur himself. That's why you will stay on-guard." Aether replied, rather angrily.

Alagur is a powerful man, Aether dislikes him but he also fears his power. He knows he can send an army to kill him, or some assassins. That's why one of his men will have to stay awake, just incase that party turns out to be a Khergit one.
"I still can't get used to this new role of a knight, I used to be a blood-thirsty barbarian, I still know how to wield a bow on horseback, no other knight can as good as me. I will have to watch out how I behave." Aether thought to himself.
"I've seen that party of knights before that Destin told me about once I think, they didn't look dangerous but that party is different than the most. I will avoid direct contact but if needed I shall spill blood. Although I do not wish to. I'm tired of all this, of all these wars, pointless blood spillings, arguments. Maybe leaving the Khanate changed my mind."
Aether stayed up the longest, but Destin had a watch so he couldn't sleep.
Eventually Aether finally went to sleep.

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