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The history of Calradia IC

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 21:42

A collaboration post by Sandorra and Roran

Praven, 29th of October, 1374 years after the death of Homerus.

The winds whipped up the dead leaves littering the ground, sending them skywards, playing the tune that was older than mankind over and over again. As the dry leaves landed on the wet and trodden ground, the sun's feeble rays broke through the clouds, revealing more and more of the landscape. The city had grown a lot since the last century. A brand new and larger port now adorned the cliffside, heavily fortified by a single solid and high wall lined with rounded towers every few 100 meters. Guards with unstrung crossbows patrolled the parapets, ready to react at any threat. Inside the large capital of Swadia, King Bergan left the keep, which was protected by a second inner wall, built there after the great siege of Praven during the second Nord invasion. He and his retinue of knights, all clad in the latest and most modern forms of protection, plate armour, made their way through the crowded town. Once they left the city's mighty gates, they were welcomed by the sight of a large grey sea of tents. The large amount of boring tents was sometimes interrupted by some more colourfull tents, and as you would progress towards the higher nobility, the beautiful coat of arms' on the tents became larger and more majestic. King Bergan and the Counts of Swadia would gather in the center of the large army camp to discuss the details of their plans.

"Men! Today may seem like an average, windy and clouded day in the Autumn, but you might be surprised by the importance of this boring day! It is today that, 439 years ago, the Rhodokian rebells succeeded in defeating their rightfull rulers! They managed to cut off the hand meant to support them, and created their own kingdom instead! Now, it is time that Swadia, our glorious motherland, shall strike back, and retake what was forcibly taken from us! We shall finally claim righteous victory and destroy the Rhodokian rascalls in the South! March with me, and we shall rid Calradia from their vile presence and groom the earth with their blood!"

Once he was done, he stepped back, and enjoyed listening to the enthusiastic cheering of his army. This time, nothing would stop them. No annoying knightly order to preserve peace, no lethal threat from the agressive Nords, no more internal bickering amongst the lords of his realm. He afforded himself a smile. Finally he had succeeded. Now only the formality of destroying the separate city-states of the Rhodoks. If he would strike fast and hard, they would not have the time to combine their armies into one capable of stopping his.


Veluca, 12th of November, 1374 years after the death of Homerus.

Roran smiled as he overheard the discussions of the bickering lords of Veluca. They had been the first to call to the aid of the other city-states, but ofcourse resented the others as much as a fish would hate an eagle. The Yalenian soldiers were a professional army, most of them being battle-proven veterans and highly trained soldiers. Yalenian mercenaries were common sight throughout Calradia. Veluca was admitted to have the most numerous professional army of the 4 city-states, but their soldiers were of lesser quality than the Yalenian ones. The last city state, Jamiche, was the city state known to posses the most diverse troops. Their position allowed them to be influenced by both the Sarranid and Rhodkian-Swadian cultures. This resulted in armies filled with cruel axemen, mounted crossbowmen and fierce heavy cavalry, although lesser in quality compared to true Swadian knights and Sarranid Mamlukes. They were however, better suited for a larger amount of tasks, by far the most versatile cavalrists in the Rhodokian combined forces. Roran smiled as he heard the officer of a Yalenian unit who suggested faking a retreat towards Veluca and Grunwalder castle after being inevitable defeated on the fields. He didn't even doubt the outcome of the battle the Velucan commanders were planning, and Roran agreed. Being the Captain of a sellsword company, and a former knight of the Swadian elite, he had been forcibly invited to the war discussions. He had been asked to grade every plan and tell them a rough estimate of the chances of succes, and so far every plan would go dramatically wrong for the Rhodokian army. Their total lack of cooperation from the Velucan side was of a tremendous disadvantage, while he knew the rather well trained Swadian army could easily crush them this way.

"Yes. That is a good plan. Lure them into the Velucan valley, sacrifice Ergellon castle and make a tactical retreat towards Grunwalder castle and Veluca. The Swadians are bound to besiege one of those, if they don't want to have a considerable threat in their rear. When they attack one fortress, hit their flank with the incoming Jamichan reinforcements and Yalenian main force, and perhaps my swords, if the price is acceptable." He said while standing up. "But for now, you'll have to excuse me. I will be patiently awaiting the outcome of these discussions.

Prezzar River, 17th of November, 1374 years after the death of Homerus.

The humid air was still, wind had died on the mountains to northeast. The lord of Jelkala was riding to the village of Ruldi to raise the levy. Rumours had started of the Swadian invasion, and raids had been performed on the Northern border. The few refugees had spoken of great army, vast amounts of heavy cavalry. Behind the lord marched already three fourth of the males of Jelkala, armed with pikes. Most were not soldiers, but simple craftsmen, given only a pike in their hands and orders to follow their sergeants. All the smaller officers were former soldiers, but most had already seen best of their days. Overall, the Jelkalan Army was a ragtag bunch of soldiers, and there was no hope that Ruldi would give a much better yield. Their only asset was the rather young Stormcrow sellsword company of experienced and well-equipped soldiers. Noone knew Jelkala had hired this foreign mercenary company, and that would hopefully turn out to be their trump card. Once they had raised the men from here, they would march to Culmarr Castle, where some of the Lords were supposed to meet. The Lord of Yalen would march for Maras Castle and Lord of Veluca to Ergellon. Both would raise the men from the villages on their way under their banner.

2 Hours later, after the village had been reached and recruiting started, a messenger arrived. Ergellon Castle had fallen before the forces of Veluca had managed to reach it. The Swadian heavy cavalry had caught the Velucan army out in the open. They were now retreating with half of their former force to Grunwalder Castle, Swadian knights on their tails. Quarter had already fallen, and the rest had been sent back to Veluca to defend the city.

The Jelkalan Army was quick to depart. Those who had still been enlisting at Ruldi, were coming behind the forces, distributed weapons and divided to squads on march. His ragtag army had just grown by an 8th, but there was no time to lose. They were marching to Veluca, to honour the pact made after a gruesome period of Rhodokian civil war.


Reyvadin, 8th of November, 1374 years after the death of Homerus.

The Tsardom of Vaegirs had not experienced a war in 22 years. The age of peace had been prosperous, and the Tsardom had grown wealthy. The Tsar's personal armies had dwindled greatly, the men returning to fields and their crafts. Living off of the land was a main income of food for the people however, and many had kept the spears and bows in good shape. What was once used to kill other human beings, was now used to bring food to tables. It was a golden age for Vaegirs, the biggest problem of the people being what to eat next the next day.

Although the native armies had dwindled, some of the former soldiers didn't feel hoe fitting their hands as well as a spear or a bow. Those men had only two options. First, option was becoming bandits, which the Taiga was full of. Life was risky, law always being hard on them, but the rewards were worth it. All they could raid from the villages or the trading caravans was enough to keep the bandits warm and their bellies full. Some enjoyed the risks, and considered them worth a try. Some however joined the bandit groups only after being denied the opportunity to join the selective groups of Korpi. Over the years, they had always been soldiers, and were considered to be the main defense of the Tsardom. They were the biggest bane of the bandits, raining death from afar. Years ago, they had arrived from across the Taiga, and had now rooted in the forest of Fisdnar, where their main forces were.


Tulga, 14th of October, 1374 years after the death of Homerus.

Alagur Khan walked forwards through his halls, looking at the other higher nobles of the Khergit Khanate. He was smiling charismatically, and looked each man in the eyes. He saw exactly what he wanted to see. After all these years of preparations in peace, all these years of enduring the call for glory in the name of the horselords, he was finally able to march out once more. He would strike deep into the West, leaving broad and deep scars in the land, formed by the blood of his fallen enemies. Nothing would stop the Khergit invasion. He would focus his attack on the Nord's Southern lands around Dhirim, and cut those off from the North. He would then force every city, castle and village into surrender while keeping the Nords clogged up in the valley of Mechin, connecting the Nord territory with their Southern lands, which were in fact captured Swadian provinces. However, thery would not stop at that. When they would control Dhirim, the center of Calradian trade routes, they would march North into Vaegir territory and burn their snow-covered lands. The snow would turn red as the Swadian banners once raised in Dhirim. No, they would not tolerate any more threats from either the Nords nor the Vaegirs anymore. From today on, the Khergits would establish their rule and unite this land with the Far East.

He left Tulga the same day, followed by an army of unheard numbers eversince the first Khergit invasion.


Tihr, 16th of November, 1374 years after the death of Homerus.

King Ragnar, the thirg Great Nord ruler of that name, oversaw the boundaries of the city from his high wooden manor in Tihr. Despite Sargoth being the undisputed capital of the expanded Nord Kingdom, he loved Tihr more than any other place because it was the place were the most ancient form of Nord laws were still followed. Despite his predecessors' efforts, the huscarls were slowly turning rarer and rarer, hidden amongst larger units of professional soldiers. Swordstaffs had replaced the famous long axes, armour had replaced their shields, and even their homes were being modernised with the latest designs of architecture. Only Tihr remained true to the old ways, and most of the existing huscarls lived near Tihr. However, it was not that issue that now formed a problem for King Ragnar III, but the reports of the attacking Khergits. There had been many and frequent border raids from the Khergits in the past years. Eversince the last Khan died the Kherghit tribes were separated and formed next to no issue at all. However, since the rising of a new Khan he had been troubled. Now that there was solid evidence of their incoming invasion, he had gathered his armies in Dhirim, but he still remaiend anxious for the confrontation. The few spy reports had said that every sound in the world had disappeared in a thunderstorm of hooves when they had spotted the army. If he should believe his spies, it would seem as if the Gods had charged down at earth. He hoped he would be able to settle the differences between his people and the Vaegir Tsardom, and unite against this new rising threat. The Khergit invasion had begun anew.


Shariz, 26th of October, 1374 years after the death of Homerus

The Sarranid Sultanate, still a bastion of their own beliefs stand strong in the South. Sultan Selej'Elthen has proven to be a wise ruler and led the Southern lands to wealth and development, after succesfully fending off the largest part of the crusades. Despite being greatly outnumbered he managed to stop the crusaders near Shariz, where an unstable peace was formed after the crusaders taking the city. However, the might of the crusader town is falling, and the Sultan watches with a predator's patience. The Eagle of the desert watches and waits for its prey to wear itself down before striking. Despite his intentions the Sultanate is a safehaven of peace. However, rumours of a group of assassins rising and taking out several nobles in a quick succesion has made the Sultan suspicious. He is searching for the leader of this hidden group, and hopes to use their abilities to further hasten the downfall of the remaining crusaders.

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 23:08

Roran turned his horse around towards the enemy. They were about to commence the charge, hidden from sight by the line of bushes surrounding the Swadian army camp. After falling for the tactical retreat the Swadian army had followed the smaller army of Jelkalan soliders towards Grunwalder castle, and were now besieging the ancient and indestructible fortress. Wave after wave had thusfar been repelled, and had allowed the Yalenian forces to sneak closer and closer. Covered by the terrain about 500 Yalenian handgonners, the best in the known world, had managed to sneak up to a 150 meter distance from the Swadian army, which was launching another great attack against the gates. They were welcomed by a hail of famous Rhodkian crossbowfire, taking the lives of those without shields or just not tilting it high enough. Occasionally even the shields weren't enough to stop the bolt from hurting the wielder.

Roran rolled his head over his shoulders and lowered the klapvisier, and locked it thight, ready for action. He wore a transitional armour, which offered great protection for its weight. It had a coat of plates over a chainmail and an aketon, which was more than enough to stop most weapons from penetrating, while also offering good protection from blunt damage.

A single whisper was sent through the ranks of BitterSteel knights hiding behind the handgonners. They would charge in as soon as the handgonners fired, and wreak havoc amongst the surprised survivors. Then they would fall back and give the handgonners a chance for a second volley, upon which the main body of infantry would contact. They would have to hunt down any survivors after that, and try to capture the Swadian nobility.

He clenched his great lance in his hand, protected by the newest type of gauntlet, the hourglass gauntlet. It was the first plated gauntlet to have seperate fingers. The long wooden lance was adorned by a steel tip, and precisely crafetd so it would break in the middle, taking a large part of the blow received by the knight using it. His sword was of a rather new design, suited both for taking down armoured foes and foe cutting down lesser armour. The sword was a type XVIa sword according to the Oakeshotte typology. Oakeshotte was one of the most famous smiths alive, and every sword of his craft was a piece of art, even though they were never decorated with anything at all. Their sheer lethality gave them beauty.

Right infront of him, the handgonners suddenly raised and stepped out of cover, giving away their position in order to fire. Their horses reared as the guns breathed smoke and fire, sending their lethal projectiles away at unbelievable speeds. Roran gave his horse the spurrs, and charged in after the bullets, as if in a race to see who would reach the enemy first. Behind him, some 800 more knights spurred their horses into action. The entire BitterSteel Wolf sellsword company was charging in now, ready to crush the Swadian invaders.

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 01:15

Lyonell was sitting at a table in the main hall of the castle keep. He was looking down at an old map, that showed the old Duchy of Vintroth.
Lyonell had problems coming his way, atleast if Duke Charles decided to give him troubles. He had few troops, the levy small compared to other levies. The only thing keeping the Vintrohian House safe was money for mercenaries. But even the Vintrothian coffers have their limits and they were being drained, quickly.

Looking over to the other side of the hall Lyonell saw his own knights arguing about the next step. Behind him stood Sir Aldro, a young but trusted and well respected knight.

Then the doors of the hall opened and a man came into the hall. His cloak soaking wet due to the heavy rain outside. Approaching Lyonell and bowing his head he quickly spoke,

"M'Lord, The scouts are reporting that Duke Charles is heading out, apparently he is joining the invasion of Rhodokia."

Lyonell nodded to the messenger that bowed his head and left the hall.
After thinking for a moment he waved for Aldro to come closer. Lyonell whispered to him,

"Make sure Charles dont get back into the Duchy without me knowing.. Oh and.. make sure Theretor knows that the levy of Westbridge might be needed soon.."

Lyonell watches him leave the hall before standing up and heading to his personal chambers.

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 06:48

Nietsmmar and his warband of fifteen Vaegir Guards bravely fought the nordic caravan. They had ambushed them near the Vaegir-Nordic border in hopes of getting some careless caravan-masters.

After some time of swingy swingy Nietsmmar and his companions had eiyher killed or knocked the enemy unconious and were now feasting of the former caravans goods. Spices and food from the sarranid, ale from Rhodoks, velvet from swadia and pork from swadia.

Nietsmmar looked into the horisen as he noticed a lone rider. He seemed to be stressed and was in quite the rush. In Nietsmmar's surpise the rider rode towards him and dismounted. He handed him a letter signed with the Vaegir royal sign...

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 08:56

Apophis took a look of how his nomad kins killed the invaders. He was in command of 30 nomad riders, 20 of them were lancers, then the last 10 were skilled horse archers.
As Apophis was staring at the battle, one of his loyal men came up to him and said,
We've destroyed the Swadian patrol, we need to fall back into the stepps, more may come, vast in numbers.

Apophis after some time replied,
Loot the bodies, saddle up the horses and begin your retreat. If more Swadians come, we will ambush them in the Uhnun pass.
His small nomad group was loyal to Alagur Khan, but Apophis shows different feelings. Of course Apophis is loyal to his Khan, but is he willing to die in his name?
Sir, there has been rumours that the Khergit invasion is heading out, will we join them? One of his men asked.
Rumours ma be misleading. I won't risk it, we will wait until we get more information.
Apophis continued to stare into the field of battle, or the corpses lying on it.
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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:45

Snow crackled as the patrol closed on the camp. The camp had a small campfire burning, slowly fading to embers as the inhabitants prepared for nights rest.
The patrol had found them by the light of the fire and laughter of men. Behind the camp lay the sacked wagon, it's contents looted and the caravan master still hanging from the side where he was hanged.

The camp had approximately 20 men visible, most asleep. They had a guard, but he kept watching more to the small fire than out in the forest, ruining his night vision.
Patrol divided, it's ten soldiers preparing for fight, which wasn't going to be fair in the slightest. The white snowcloaks made them almost invisible when they pressed against the white earth. Light skirmishers, men who were small, fast and agile, and equipped with crossbow and short sword, all three went right with two shieldman to protect them. One of the archers went left with two more shieldman, and single archer took position in the middle with the last infantry, this one holding a long twohanded sword on his hands.

The camp guard was feeling drowsy, and not the slightest happy that he was told to guard while the others slept. What was he guarding even? Thieving squirrels? The guard snickered to his joke, but, as an afterthought, reminded himself there were worse things than wild animals out there. The Rime Snakes had wiped many groups like his, even bigger and better armed too.

He added wood to the fire, and turned back to the forest around them. He startled as he saw a figure standing on the edge, huge warbow drawn and sharp arrow aiming at him. He draw breath to yell, out of fear of sure death or to warn his companions he didn't know himself, but saw the arrow take flight. It hit his open mouth, piercing the back of his neck, and killed him instantly. The impact pushed his now lifeless corpse head first in the campfire, sending sparks flying and waking the closest ones.

One by one they fell when they sat up, never knowing what hit them. When nobody moved anymore in the once again silent forest, the infantry closed in. They searched through the bodies, making sure each one was dead. Then the archers and skirmishers came in, and the patrol started picking up the valuables, food, weapons and armor along with other iron or steel. Arrows and bolts were plucked from the corpses, none going to waste.

They cut loose the caravan master, buried him and set the wagon burning. In the light it gave, the patrol gathered, their banner now visible under their cloaks. The green bottom and black tree was well known in the Tsardom. The patrol leader spoke
You have done well, men. We shall head back to camp now, you have earned your nights rest.

Sandorra turned, and the rest followed, the patrol leader following Sandorra. In the warband Korpi, a leader would often join the patrols.

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 23:18

"Sir, a small Khergit patrol is close." One of the nomad lancers said.
"Prepare an ambush. I know Alagurs plans." Apophis replied, is this what he really wants? War?

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 15:42

Lyonell was standing on a small hight, looking over Castle Gweedhold, a very old castle, though some parts are newer. The gatehouse is probably the oldest part. The gate pointing south, the keep can be found in the northern point of the castle. To the east and west walls run with a tower here and there. The castle is not very big and not at all symmetrical, its very asymmetrical, the east wall running straight to the keep connecting to it, with very small wooden towers along the wall. The west wall runs first to a big tower that stands out from the wall slightly before running and connecting with the keep.

Gray clouds and rain still falling from the sky, hitting armour, men, horses, trees and the ground. Other then that its rather quiet, apart from whispered words of men.

Lyonell turned, looking over his small Knight retinue, all fitted just like himself in high quality armour. Behind his knights there is a small force of guards, some wielding crossbows, short swords and a Pavise shield on their backs, fitted in mail and a kettle hat, they looked like any other crossbowmen in Calradia. Together with the crossbowmen there is also standing a small force of heavy halberdeirs, fitted with heavy armour and a protective helmet. Not something to mess with on a battlefield, those halberds are not very honourable in the eyes of knights and nobility in general, however, they are very effective.

"Sir Lancerlot! What do you think of this 'ruin'?" Lyonell asked with a smirk, pointing behind him at the old Castle.

Lancerlot smirks and looks around for a second before saying,
"I think its a ruin.. free for grabs.. Afterall, nothing can stop the Vintrothian Iron fist."

Lyonell chuckled at Lancerlot's statement as a few Knights stopped laughing.
"Of course, but now.. we head back to Castle Vintroth and make up a plan of attack."

Lyonell mounted his horse and takes his helmet from Theretor as he hands it to him, he put it on before leading his guard and retinue back to Castle Vintroth.

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 21:20

Early in the morning the men of Vintroth stood lined up on the courtyard outside the keep of Vintroth castle ready for one of their daily drills. Sir Lancerlot started to count the men, realising one of them were missing, it made him frustrated. He went to the keep, found Lord Lyonell and got orders to throw whoever it was sleeping out on the
drills out of the House and castle.

With anger Lancerlot slammed up the door to the barracks, seeing Sir Kiki snoring in his bed. Lancerlot took one of the maces hanging on the wall, walked up to the bed and smashed the legs of the bed. Kiki fell off the bed to the ground and his head slammed into the cold stone floor.

"Up with you,you fat snorling pig!" Lancerlot screamed in anger.

Without answering Kiki quickly got up on his feet. Lancerlot gave him a hard poke in the stomach.
"Consider yourself homeless and fired, I want to see you out of here when the drill is over."

Lancerlot left the barracks, and his orders could be heard in the whole castle as he shouted them.

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Posted 19 February 2013 - 16:35

Alagur Khan drove his steed forwards into an easy gallop. Mere seconds after he started travelling, he heard the hooves of his army behind him. This was not just an army though. The fields woudld be trampled, the mountains would be crumpled, and any resistance would fall under the thunderstorm of hooves following him. They marched West, straight towards Dhirim. Once they would have taken Dhririm, they would marcfh North into Vaegir and Nord territories, and claim what is rightfully theirs.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 11:32

The patrol arrived to their camp at the forest of Fisdnar.
Archers patrolled the wooden palisades, and the men from the watchtower informed gateguards of returning patrol. The camp, once settled here for temporarily, had stood for 24 years. Tents had changed to more permanent logbuildings, and the barracks were sturdy. The camp wasn't big, as it housed only approximately 3000 living souls, of which majority were soldiers.

The leaves of the woods outside gate rustled, as the skirmishers stationed on wooden platforms inspected the arrivals and withdrew upon recognition. Gate guards saluted and opened gates to the waking camp. The streets were dim, brightening as the sun slowly peeked from behind the trees. Without a word, the patrol disbanded, patrol leader heading to report of the nights events to his superior, others to bed, eat, or taking care of their gear.

Morning patrol salutes Sandorra as he was heading to the command post. Messenger was awaiting him outside with a report in hand. Saluting, he handed it to Sandorra. He dismissed the messenger, and stepped inside while opening the report. Apparently Alagur Khan was heading to Swadian lands with a mighty Khergit army, and Swadian army was attacking the citystates of Rhodoks. None of this had anything to do with them, though, so he simply set the report aside and started handing out orders for the camp.

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 14:14

Lyonell was standing on the same hill as before, looking over Castle Gweedhold again, but now, about two weeks later the siege had started. Trenches have been dug, palisades put up and trebuchets built.

Sir Lancerlot stood behind Lyonell, waiting patiently. Suddenly after standing still for a great amount of time Lyonell turned.

"Sir Lancerlot! It is time, order the marksmen forward, let the trebuchets begin the bombardment of the castle, take out the towers first, then aim for the gatehouse."

"As you wish My Lord." Sir Lancerlot turned and left to make sure the skirmish phase begun as ordered.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 18:16

Despite no clouds in the sky, the soldier at the watchtower of Dhirim heard thunder.
He looked at the sky, covering his eyes from the sun with his hand, only to find couple small, white clouds anywhere. If there were no stormclouds, where did the thunder come from?
He looked in the city he was guarding, but saw nothing out of common. The citizens were getting ready to lay down, as the night was falling and it was getting dark. King Ragnar III had gathered most of the Nord armies at the city, but they had made camps outside the walls. City just couldn't host so many soldiers inside it's limited houses and space.

Seeing nothing, he turned to face the open fields. The thunder kept getting louder, until it stopped. The field seemed blacker than ever.

Suddenly, a light flashed alive on the field. It illuminated a man on horse. He passed the fire to both sides, and the light spread. It burned on arrow tips, which were passed on and on, as long as he could see. Then they started moving backwards, and slowly, a huge mass of riders was visible as the many fires lit up around the field. The soldier over at watchtower was stunned, but just as he gathered himself up, the flaming arrows raised up, and were let loose. They arced high, high into the black sky, like millions of fireflies.

Then, they started falling, right atop the camp of soldiers. The screams that came from the burning tents woke up the sleeping city of Dhirim. They woke up in time to hear the thunder start anew, as the tens of thousands of Khergit horsearchers and lancers charged. They fired more burning arrows, this time straight to the city.

The soldier at the watchtower watched this aghast. Then he turned, and saw dozens of fiery arrows falling straight at the top of the tower. Right towards him.

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Posted 12 March 2013 - 22:37

Was it that obvious? Apophis hates Alagur, but it's obvious. He's sworn to him, yet he hates him.
"Abort the ambush and muster up near the ex-Khergit/Swadian border." Apophis shouted, while he himself thought it was a stupid move. His reports were false. Alagur is already by Dhirim, he's got no chance of catching them up.
"Its time to greet Alagur." Apophis quietly said, and right after shouting out.
"From this day on, we serve no one. If you want to fight for the Khanate, go. I myself am heading to Veluca. For the long promised me peace. To see what's up there, what threats. I'd appreciate it if you stay, but you can go to Dhirim and enjoy the loots you will earn and the slaughter you will see."

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 23:45

Under his surprisement, most of his so called warband sided with Alagur and started making their way to Dhirim, where hell is being unleashed. Apophis knew this could happen, now he knows who remained loyal to him, and whom ran flocking to the Khan.
After a steady hour, which took a long time to pass for Apophis, he gathered 10 of his men and spoke.
"We're heading to Veluca, by Grunwalder. If not, I will have to risk another route. I'm afraid we'll need to buy some new armour. We will look too suspicious in our vests in Veluca. During our way, we'll try and pick up some heavy armour."
Apophis knew that Grunwalder was a dangerous and peril path, but why can't he pick a much more safer road which goes by Uxkhal? It's a mystery, but anything can happen.
He also heard rumours of a wild fighter, with a heart of a lion and a spirit of a bear. It's sex is unknown, but whoever that warrior is, Apophis dreads. He will want to make sure to investigate the rumour...
(Short but frequent, my story is moving along :3)

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Lady Elena stared at the skyline with a serious impression on her beautiful face. Her red, like-fire hair flying in the wind. One knight in a shiny armour came close to Elena's white horse and said
'Milady, we are ready to move out, waiting for your order.'
'We will move out now, going to the north. I will tell you more when I decide where we will stop'
- Elena softly replied. Knight bowed and returned to the group of 5 knights who wear armour with red colored banners. Elena touched the head of her horse gently and galloped forward, to the north. Her hair and armour shines in the light of the beautiful rising sun. The small group of knights followed their lady, like they always do. Each one of them ready to give his life for the Elena's sake.

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((OOC Note: Apo, as I understand, you are first getting armor and what not in Uxkhal, then you will be going south for Veluca. Passing Vintroth.
Thats what I will base my post on, if I am incorrect, make me change it later))

Lyonell was standing once again on the same hill as before, looking over Castle Gweedhold. The bastards just wouldnt surrender, even after all this time but they will pay for it. When they surrender, they will feel why they shouldnt defy him. He could end it faster by sending his forces at the walls with ladders and what not, but thats out of the question as long as there is a possibility of Charles coming back.

Interrupting his thoughts, the sound of a horse. Lyonell turned to see a messenger on the horse.

"M'Lord, I have a message from the north."

"Well? Spit it out!"

"Oh.. Uhm.. Sorry M'Lord.. A heavy armed company of Knights are entering the Duchy in the North, We have not seen their banner before."

"I see.. Hm.. Get Sir Helgrimson.." Waving the messenger away he turns.

Later, on the main road leading through the Duchy.

Lyonell was sitting on his horse in the centre of the road, flanked by Sir Helgrimson and a few Halberdier Guards. In front of him in the forest on both sides of the road, Vintroth Marksmen and Man at arms hidden, ready to flank anyone that would dare to attack the count. The heavy Halberdier guards have orders to move in front of Lyonell if anyone would get to close or move to fast forwards him.

Helgrimson leaned close to Lyonell and said.
Scouts are now watching the minor roads, but I think they will pass through here.


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(@Anden, well, some aspects of it you got right. Im entering the road now, so do whatever you want. Just don't kill all of my men please :D)

The small party of nomad warriors along with Apophis bought their armour in the nearby city of Uxkhal. They rode day and night, with only 2 stops. Their journey was at a perfect pace and their food supply almost full. A perfect outcome.
Ukxhal was a big city, with many merchants and a lot of soldiers garrisoned inside. After a while, when they all bought their heavy knighted armour, they moved out of the city, and adapted a red with black small dots banner, what banner is it? No one knows except from Apophis himself.

As they moved out, towards Veluca, Apophis thought about the Vinrothian forces that may stop them. It would be a real danger to attack them, but Apophis wishes to travel to Veluca without spilling blood. But is that possible?
They moved at a slow pace. The weather was beautiful, few clouds and sunny, so why should they be in a hurry?
"Enjoy the day as much as you possibly can, it will be long before you see sun here in full again." Apophis said, while he held a flower in his right hand and inspecting it.
"Sir! One man on the hill! Should we chase him? He is well armoured." One of his men shouted.
"We don't want to stir up trouble, we will continue." Apophis replied, but who was that man?
In front, a small forest, and a road leading through. Apophis sees no danger, but he thinks he sees a man saddled up on a horse in the middle of the road there, although everything may be misleading. He and his company decided to enter the small road in the forest, making a step closer to Veluca.

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Lyonell remained on his horse, still flanked by Sir Helgrimson and the Heavy Halberdier Guardsmen, as he watched the small company of men come closer slowly.

When coming close enough, Lyonell raised a hand to greet them before saying quite loudly.
"I wonder! What would bring a company of Knights with an unknown banner here! Perhaps you could identify yourselves?!"

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A man on a horse, raised his hand high, and spoke, asked Apophis to identify himself.
Apophis didn't greet back, but instead opened the klapp of his helmet.
"I am Apophis, and these are my knighted men. We're on our way to Veluca. And the banner? It's not new to the people I know. For you, it is."
"I like conversations. I said my part, so it's your turn. And you are?"

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