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Never-Ending Agony (IC)

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#1 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 15:45

Pain. Nobody wants to feel any, but yet, You can never know when it comes to you.
Pain doesn't have any fears, it is a fear itself.

The dark stone halls hadn't had signs of life in them for far too long time.
It was time to bring them back to life.

The sturdy door sounded like dooms bell when slamming on the stone wall, letting in a stream of light.
Only other light in the stone chamber was candle burning in the ground, spreading it's flickering light around it.
For the Elf lying two inches above the candle, it was pure pain instead of resurrecting light.
Elf turned his head towards the door, atleast what the hooks in his ears let him, and grimaced in disgust.
He was mid-air, hanging by several hooks under his skin at his ears, back, hands and ankles.
Elf's face was covered in bruises, he hadn't given up easily.
Elf couldn't see, who had entered. The light coming behind the figure's back hided his or her face, but revealed the person wasn't big in size. A cape hid the rest.
'Let me go, you scum. I've done nothing to you.'
No answer, but the figure stepped inside closing the door behind.
'Answer me! Why am I here?' Elf was clearly getting restless.
Figure walked next to a table and a rack with strange tools.
person released the cape, letting it fall on the floor, and thus revealing the tattooes in his bare back and arms.

Suddenly, the room exploded into light. Elf was blinded and started to spin and scream, ripping his flesh and letting the blood flow.
'Shut up.' The tattooed man turned around. Elf hadn't noticed before the race of the figure, because the lights had blinded him.
Slowly regaining his vision, he silenced and concentrated his gaze on the person. His eyes widened in hate.
'Filthy Drow! Why have you brought me here? What do you want of me? Let me go, now!' All the while his voice started to become more and more scared.
'I told you to shut up. Lesson number one. You do as I say, immediatly.' Elf felt pain in his head. It felt like it would explode.

#2 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 09:24

Death. Some say that death releases you to Caimen's realm. Some hope for it, but everyone's trying to avoid it.
Death isn't the end, when you follow The Dark Queen.

'What is your name?' Drow asked, but without curiosity in his tone.
'Who are you to do this to me? And why should I obey you?'
'Good, I'll do this the more pleasant way for me, but not for you. And for your question, my name is Sandorra Helvi'ep. That is all you need to know about me.'
Elf's eyes widened as he heard the name. Long time ago, near him had lived another Elf, who had met this Drow.
He had been very gentle and always happy.
He had disappeared for a week, and when he returned, he was blind and mutilated. His eyes wore two symbols, of The Damned and of the Blood Brigade.
Both names had been too well known lately, mostly of their murderous actions.
That elf had died in a month, and each night before it he had kept the rest village awake with his screams.

'I see you recognize my name. Eases my job.'
He picked his blade that was leaning on the rack, and swinged it towards the Elf, who let out a scream as the blade approached.
Elf felt the air that followed it, and relaxed a bit when he felt the candle blown out.
Drow placed his boot on Elfs back, and pushed down.
The flesh couldn't hold the weight, and ripped with a disgusting voice. Elf screamed of pain.
When falling on the floor, Sandorra dragged Elf to a patentable from his olden hairs.
He throwed the Elfs upper body laying on the table, and took two long spikes from a nearby rack.

#3 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 18:57

Soul. every living person has a soul, no matter how dark and tortured it is.
Queen shall have your soul.

Sandorra stretched Elfs hands over two holes in the table Elf was lying on.
Holding the first spike over his palm, he thrust it through Elfs hand, and let it there, sticking out of Elfs hand.
Quickly he secured the spike to stay in the table by pushing a small metal bars through holes it had.
Then, he did same for the other hand, thus locking Elf on the table.

He reached out for a knife, and started to peel Elfs back.
Starting from the shoulders, he drawed the knife to Elfs side, there to lower back, and to other side, creating an grotesque square.
Then he started pulling the skin off in one piece, Elf screaming of the pain as his skin was ripped away from his flesh.
The bright red flesh and muscles pulsed as the last bits holding skin on Elfs body broke.
Table was already covered in blood, but Drow didn't care of that.
Sandorra threw the knife standing on the rack, and reached out for the chains coming out from the roof.
He secured the chains around Elfs ankles, and started rolling a nearby wooden wheel, which pulled the chains in the roof, leaving Elf hanging head down, hands still painfully in the stone-table
Elfs golden hairs barely touched the table, tickling his pierced hands when touched them.
His back bleeded, blood flowing down his head and messing his hairs.
He grimaced of pain and hatred towards Drow.

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