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Land of the Dead (IC)

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#1 Jock

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Posted 14 January 2013 - 18:48

December 23rd 2012.

The air is filled with sirens, screams and the growing moaning. The group has made it to the outskirts of London, by the highway. There's a row of cars heading out of the city as far as the eye can see.
But cars aren't the only things flowing out of the city. There's thousands of people on feet, running from their lives. Some have backpacks, some weapons, some nothing but their own clothes.

And after the people, come the dead...

 How'd I end up here. What the hell happened in those last twelve hours. How'd it all turn into this shit? Rob's mind is filled with questions like these. If only he could find an answer. He looks around his fellow refugees and takes some comfort in the fact that they're all male and none look too slow or weak to travel.
His belongings consist of a backpack, which's contents he threw hurriedly threw together. A knife, some underwear, matches and snacks.
This ain't gonna do, this just ain't gonna do it. We'll need weapons, a safe place to be. But most importantly, we need information.
There's no doubt those things are out of this world. Rob heard the screams in the streets, thinking it were just some teenagers celebrating. Looking out of his window though, he saw... well... a bloodbath. People eating people, people clawing people, people running, yes, and screaming.
He looks to the group, nearly a dozen of them now. How'd he even end up with them? They've got a small fire going on, three men sitting around it, some standing and some looking nervously towards the city.
One of them is taking a piss.
He clears his throat "So, um... hi! I'm Rob. And... well..." the fuck is he supposed to say? They all just witnessed a massacre.
"Does anyone actually know what those things are? I saw my neighbour's son eaten alive, his entrails spilled on the street and the boy looking at me like I was the Almighty himself. If anyone knows anything, please, share your information." the last words were said with a desperate tone.
One of the men stood up.
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#2 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 07:08

"I'm corporal Mallard. Or I guess I used to be corporal, there is hardly any military left. I can't really tell what those things are, besides that they are... I guess I can't call them 'dead'. I saw a fellow soldier, a corporal I served with years, eaten by his squad. His torso was torn open all the way, and still he rose up and almost got a bite on me."

He finishes up cleaning and checking his rifle, as he talks. Looking around, he takes note of the people around him, and what they are having with them. He notices one of them carrying a pistol with him. It seems to be the only real weapon besides his. "What's your story? You know what these things are?"

#3 Tywin, Veteran of the Stormcrows Mercenary Company

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 19:29

"Hell, no. I wish I would knew, but sadly not - and I guess I know even less than you. I was just walking through a moor - you know, I was in my vacation here in the UK - when I noticed something was wrong in the city. I ran to my car and escaped, well, I am happy I took this darling with me." The man starts fondling his little gun. "This gun saved my life. When I was running to my car, some of these ... things attacked me. I could run away from two, but the third got in my way. Turns out you can only kill them with a direct shot in the head. Remember that when they charge at you."
The face still a bit pale the man starts digging in his large bag. After some seconds, he finds what he has been searching and pulls out a package.
"Did I say my name? I am Johann. Johann Lorenz, but I think that does not matter anymore. From Germany.
Are you guys hungry? Still got some german sausages, really good."


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Posted 15 January 2013 - 20:10

Johanns sausage-display is interrupted abrubtly by a tall man with long white beard yelling "Oi, I got a sausage you can bite on, kraut!" while leaning on a small wall taking a piss.

His yell could be interpreted as an insult if not for the howling laugh that follows it. The man zips his trousers and steps towards the small fire, looking suprisingly happy despite the sounds of fear and death looming about.

"Sauerkrauts aside, which one of you poor bastards brought something to drink with them? My bloody throat is as dry as a nun's gusset!"

#5 Jock

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 11:50

The loud man brings Rob out of his thoughts.
"We shouldn't waste supplies, you know, never know when we can replenish." he says, handing his water bottle to the man who hands it back after a few small sips.
He makes notice of the German holding his handgun and the officer's rifle.

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