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Silvery Smoke IC (Closed RP)

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#1 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 19:19

Queen Diamante Razzori
Sandorra Helvi'ep
Draylth Avansare
Morighan Avansare
Godein D'Thalack
Kelkin Nekhet

They had all gathered in the altar of The Damned. Draylth of Avansare, Morighan of Avansare and Godein of D'Thalack were all there when Sandorra of Helvi'ep arrived. He walks in with nothing but a nod. The very moment he stops, a cloud of dark purple smoke appears, and reveals Queen Diamante Razzori. 'All of the precious have assembled. What have you done in mine name, this day?'

Godein steps on, and answers Queen while bowing his head. 'We have brought to you an innocent, my Queen. A young Elf Maiden.'

'Excellent. tell me, does she come of free will?'

'I fear not.'

The crowd snickers at Godeins words, understanding the obvious reasons for his words. Godein waves his hand towards a chained Elf girl, who's in a cage in the middle of the room.

'Perhaps she requires some coercion to convert.'

Morighan steps in, confident, without caring of her little size. 'I have her family in the back. Shall we poke them and see if she squirms?'

Words of the Pixie make Godein smirk in await of the following pleasure and fun. Spinning around of joy, Morighan leads out the girls mother, father, and baby brother. 'you've never had the skills for getting all the pain out of elves, Morighan.'

'Then perhaps you should take over from here.'

Morighan offers the cuffs of the prisoners to Sandorra, who graciously declines 'I'll let you show what you can do, let's test the young one of Avansare.'

Draylth smirks at Sandorras words, as her children is given such a honour.

'As much as I hate to point out my inadequacies, my er...size, might present an issue.' Godein shows his teeths, trying to smile, and mentions 'This, I do not disagree with.'

Sandorra comforts the pixie with his words, 'Worry not, for no matter how small you may be, the power of Temple is behind you'

Draylth joins the conversation as her child is clearly uncertain 'Dear Morighan, use your imagination.'

#2 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 15:05

Godein looks at the Pixie, saying 'Morighan, turn the little one first. I just wanna see him shake.' He jumps in front of the Elf boy and takes a bite of air infront of his eyes, making him shake in fear. Morighan picks up the gurgling child by his left foot and pulls a knife, relishing the cries of the family.

The crowd starts laughing as the Pixie grabs her knife. Morighan slowly drags the knife over the infants chest, making the sign of the temple well up in blood. As the first drops of blood pour on, Godein's eyes widen of hunger.

'You are doing good, for a pixie.' Morighan tosses the baby back to its mother, the blood staining the mothers shirt. She relishes the cries of the infant, and its mother. Surprisingly Godein asks 'May I turn him?'

'And spoil part of the fun?'

Godein gives Sandorra a glance 'I can hardly handle this, the blood smells so great!'

'Hold. Fight the thirst, and the blood will taste even better.' Morighan looks at Sandorra nervously, a little unsure at how to proceed.

'Go on, Morighan.' Morighan takes an unsteady breath and grabs the child back from it's mother, her cries louder still, the infant strangely quiet. Sandorra bends closer to the Pixie, whispering in her ear 'Remember, not only the pain of the victim, but also the pain of others hurts the weak elves.' Morighan turns her head and answers 'That's why I'm going after the baby: to hurt the rest.' Hearing her words, Sandorra grins and straightens up, leaving her the necessary privacy.

Morighan slowly drags a finger through the blood on the infant's chest and licks it up. "Mmm, nice and warm." Suddenly, the Elf child tries to make a run for it, but is stopped by hitting a wall of solid air. Morighan flies next to the child, and slaps him. She grabs him by the wrist, slowly squeezing and breaking several bones, preventing him from running off again.

The child locked in the cage yells 'Please, don't hurt my brother!'

Godein rushes to the locked Elf, and asks her silently 'Or what?', and starts cackling insanely. He strongly says to the locked up Elf 'If I had my way now, Little one, he'd be dead by now.'

#3 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 15:39

Morighan grabs the baby by the ankle and bounces it up and down, taunting godein with it. He starts licking his lips as Morighan taunts him more and more. Morighan lets her fangs extend and slowly drags them along the baby's neck.

'How does it taste?'

'It tastes like... fear.'

'Who wants first blood?' Elf child lets out a scream as it hears this terrible fate. Godein's cat ears stand up as he hears the mention of feast.

'No no no! Please stop!' Softly, Godein's words reach everyones ears in the room 'oh, yes yes yes! May I?'

'All yours, D'Thalack'

Morighan lowers her head, her fangs tearing into the baby's throat and ripping through the jugular. Morighan laps it up, and grins at Godein. 'Too slow.' Godein growls of envy, as Morighan stole his dinner infront of his eyes.

Morighan tosses the carcass aside and steps back into the circle. Godein rushes to the corpse, slams it on the altar and says a prayer to Diamante. 'Who wants the mommy?'

'She's mine!'

Morighan licks her lips at the blood still dripping from the altar, and nods to Godein. The expression on Godeins face turns into sly, when he speaks 'The only problem I have....' He holds a short pause, and continues smirking. 'Is whether to watch her suffer, or fill my hunger for fresh blood.'

With no hesitation, Sandorra answers his guestion 'Both.'

Godein walks to the mother elf and whispers something in her ear, she begins to cry harder. Godein keeps whispering and runs his claws in her hair, licks her face and walks away leaving fear in her eyes.

Godein says out loud 'Messy, or simple?' and gives a glance at Sandorra.

'If you are asking me, I'd do it clean, but brutally.'

'Break her limbs, make her bleed. Drink her blood before her very eyes, and bathe in it.'

Softly Godein answers 'Too long, I'm hungry.' Godein rushes to the mother elf, and chomps her left forearm. He drinks the precious blood, letting some spill to the floor. He whispers in Elf's ear 'Welcome youself, my dear, to the realm of dreams.' The Drow's voice booms in her head 'No ordinary dreams, but nightmares from the deepest hells'

#4 sandorra, Horus Lupercal

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 20:42

Godein punches the mother's nose, breaking it. He yells out 'Feast, my family!' Godein smiles, grabs the mother elf, and drags her gurgling body towards the group. Whilst throwing her to Sandorra he says "Eat!"

'I am no vampire, I'll save the food for you' Sandorra says with a wave of his hand, psionic forces pushing the Elf back to Godein.

Godein says softly 'If no one's hungry, I'll feed.'

Draylth looks toward the Elf and mutters quietly, 'Death can be such a painful thing.' Draylth smiles and says louder, 'And yet how funny it can be to watch.'

'Death is not eternal, suffering is.'

Draylth mutters quietly 'Yet most of them fear death more than anything. Does it not occur to them that there is something worse?'

'Only those that have not seen the joy of being undead fear death more than anything else'

Drow's words make Draylth smirk. 'But we, we relish it.'

Godein's ears perk at the sound of the father elf weeping. He smirks and grabs him by the neck, and puts him face to face with his wife. 'Say what you need to say, time's almost up.' All of sudden, Kelkin enters the scene.

Kelkin whispers softly 'A Party.. and I wasnt invited?'

'You've been too busy within Nekhet, Kelkin.' Kelkin whispers softly 'Spying on me again Sandorra?'

'I keep an eye out on everybody, you should know that.'

'You two digress.'

Draylth looks to Sandorra and then to Kelkin. She laughs. 'You've come just in time, Kelkin.' Morighan points to the teenage elf in the cage. 'She's the main course.'

Kelkin whispers softly 'Great.. Please dont let me interrupt...'

'It is time to feast.'

With these words, Godein drops the father Elf he had been holding to floor. 'So, now I may do it?' Pixie nods in agreement to Godein. Sandorra whispers to the father elf 'time's up' before thrusting his boot on his back. Godein grabs mother elf, puts her on the altar, and says a prayer to Diamante 'Deadly are the tresses she weaves about souls. May your being be wrapped in the existence that is the Queen'

Finishing his prayer, he bites the mother elfs neck, spraying blood all over the altar. He licks his lips, then says 'It is done'

Morighan looks around. 'The father's left, and the daughter for Diamante.' She mentions. In here, Godein answers to Morighan. 'I don't want the daughter to die. I want her to serve us.'

'Elves make bad servants when they are left alive.'

'Then let's make her like us. Another member of the temple is never bad.'

Morighan scowls at the Tabaxi "Tarnish what we are with one of her like?" Godein answers with only a cold glare. He turns to Diamante and speaks 'My queen, you love all who are willing to serve, do you not?'

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 18:52

Queen Diamante looks at Godein, and answers his guestion. 'Love is such an odd word'

The words of Goddess create laughter, embarrassing the Tabaxi. 'Then I will take that back and throw out the word accept.'

'I value those who are willing to serve, yes'

Godein attacks the prisoner, but falls back when she starts fighting back with her claws. Morighan gestures to Godein. 'And that is why we leave the prisoners to Diamante.'

'Fights like a badger in a corner' Drow says and laughs at Godein. Godein grabs his arm and wheezes 'More like a badger dragon' He takes a sip of a flask hanging on his waist and looks better.

'Who takes the male?' Godein asks, then as if getting an idea turns to Sandorra and answers his own guestion 'Sandorra, kill the father.'

Morighan grins as she follows his thoughts 'We'll all bathe in his blood.' Sandorra slowly draws his knife from his waist, it's blade glimmering in the light. 'I'm going to enjoy this.'

Godein laughs as the elf father cowers next to his daughter, saying his goodbyes. Sandorra kicks the father in the side of the head, making him fly on his side. He kneels next to the elf, and sinks his dagger in elfs elbow. 'BOUND HIM!' is heard when Godein exites of the happening. 'This is fun to watch already.'

Sandorra twistes his blade, cutting the flesh and muscles in the hand. He raises up the fingers of elf fathers hand, and sinks his dagger in the middle of hand. Drow pulls his dagger away, opening whole hand, and cutting a finger in side. Sandorra licks the blade of his dagger, then stands up to his full height. On the side, Draylth licks her lips as she watches the Elf. Sandorra reaches for his spear from his back, and sinks it in the stomach of Elf, twisting it until hitting the floor.

Godein moves next to the cage and the girl crying in it. 'Little Girl, watch carefully, for this is the end of everything you've ever loved.' Sandorra holds the blade still for a second, then pushes it down, cutting Elf almost half. Godein rushes for the puddle of blood, hardly containing his excitement.

The Drow whips the blade towards caged prisoner 'You are next.' Tabaxi turns his head and looks behind 'Is anyone...' He pauses, and licks the dripping blood from his lips 'Going to join me?'

Morighan kneels at Diamante's feet. 'What would you have done with the prisoner, my lady?'
Diamante thinks for a bit, tapping Her finger on her chin. Then She makes Her decision. 'I wish for her to be exterminated' Templars around Her bow their heads in loyalty.

She continues to speak 'So that it dries upon a stick. I may hang it from my Yule tree'
 Godein looks to Sandorra, and nods. 'That's where you come in'

Morighan defers to Sandorra. 'You're the expert, sir.' The Drow turns at the speakers, with an evil grin coming on his black faces. He holds his spear pointed towards the prisoner, the blood from it's blade dripping on the floor.

Sandorra disappears, and appears right behind the prisoner. He grabs the girl from the hairs, and walks out through cage bars. Stopping when the girl is only halfway through, he lets go. The bars pierce her both sides as she solidifies. Godein's eyes open wide! His mouth drops.
'You have been saved, so that you shall be sacrificed in Her honor. You should feel proud.'
'For the Queen, Sandorra, For the Queen.'

Sandorra starts to shave the screaming girl's hairs with his spear, not too accurately. Once he finishes, the girl hangs her head down, given up. 'For the Queen.'

Drow raises his spear above his head, and hits the top of girls head with power, cutting off the top of her head, revealing brains.

'Never been one for brains' Godein says, poking the brains with his finger. Morighan tries to resist the urge to light a bonfire and fry the brains for dessert. Diamante grins demonically, as She creates a long bone hair pin out of nowhere. She hands it to the Drow 'There is a skewer for you'

Sandorra thrusts his hand in the head, and pulls the brains out. He pushes the bone pin in the brains, holding it high. 'For the Queen, Her beauty, Her strength.'

Morighan flights up and grabs the brains, bringing them before Diamante.'For you, my Queen.' Diamante accepts the brains, takes Her hair pins off of them and skewers the brains, bit by bit.

'We are the followers of the Lich Queen, The Widowmaker, Diamante Razzori, Goddess of the Damned. We only serve you, My Queen.' Queen places the brains on the little table next to Her throne. All of the templars show their respect to Diamante, proving Her power.

The last corpses are placed on the Altar, and ignited as the dome begins to recede downward of Queens powers. The silvery stars shine their dim light inside the Temple, drawing the flames upwards and creating swirling clouds of silvery smoke colored by stars and flames.
Godein is engorged in watching the flames, he goes to his resting position and watches the souls begin to swirl. She accepts the iris, and stands up. 'Of course. But now I must leave.' She steps in shadows and vanishes, just like the silver smoke carried by the wind.

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