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Arena of Glory I IC

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#21 Cleomenes, pls die and stay die

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 22:26

Scarlett understands she rushed everything. It will be the best to wait a bit, before making the next steps.
As she was going to the balcony, which is located upstairs, her eyes turned attention to a small dagger lying in a corner. She reached out for it and picked it up.
Scarlett had a look at this dagger. It was old, but looked quite dull. Looks can deceive, of course.
She lifted the dagger to her hand, slowly feeling the tip. Scarlett pressed the blade on her hand lightly and strafed it. It cut through, it was still sharp. It was just a cut, nothing serious.
Scarlett tasted her blood with her tongue, but immidientally wiped the blood with her hand. She decided to hide the dagger under her tunic, just incase, or leave it until the battle. It might be useful. She made her way upstairs to the fresh air, a cool breeze.
As she got there, there was a chair on the balcony. She sat down and stared at the sky, enjoying the free time given to her. Scarlett isn't hungry, she seen far too much today. Hopefully in the next battle she will be given her light armour, the weight of the iron or plate armour is too much for her, can't run fast or side step quickly.
Scarlett will now spend time alone, thinking of how she can improve in the next battle.

#22 Viator, the White Wolf

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 19:59

From the one moment to the next Djarfur felt tired. Really tired.
He was thinking about this feeling and finally came to the conclusion that his joy in living was over.

So many things had been shaping and influencing him and it was just too much for him.

It did not took a long time to think about the next step. Djarfur went to the bathroom and looked for a razorblade. As he found one, some memories went past through his mind, but only for a short time.

Finally he knew what to do. He made it short. He stabbed that knife straight into his heart. And then it became dark. Really dark.

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