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Arena of Glory I IC

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#1 Roran 13, Sandorra's practice target

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 20:06

"Welcome! Welcome! Yes! Today is a great day! Exactly 1 month ago, the new arena, originally ordered to be built by the great Emperor Igansyr, it has finally been finished! look around! Doesn't it look magnicifent to you? He loved Aldeon so much he constructed an arena in its capital Krymar which is larger than the entire Imperial palace combined! And now, before I turn this into a history lesson, the first games in this glorious new arena shall be held today! This arena is truly a great one! Not only is it extremely large, but we also have the possibility to flood it and create a naval warfare scene, to open hidden entrances in it, activate traps, and completely change the look of the arena! My glorious predecessor has really thought of everything! Now, people of Aldeon, join me, and celebrate the construction with blood! Bring the gladiators!"

Emperor Vandalor Irenberth returned to his seat, and let the herald take over. His hand lowered towards the table where a glass of excellent red wine was awaiting him. He took a large gulp before turning his attention back to the arena.

"...Telugan Losius, Lucky Losius Loser, followed by Rhogar Crapantius, The one-who-needs-a-bath! Now entering;Ulfgar Himfordson, The Hermit and our beloved Scarlett Haymich, The Hunter! She is followed by Håkon Galen and finally Billy Mays, lord of the Pitch!

That is the summary of our newest gladiators! Here are some others you already know, who will join them in their battle against the first team!

Ingvar Fairwater, the one you know as the Breaker!
Badlor Greenfield, our youngest and meanest competitor!
Helena Stratford, the siren of the arena!
Gorbald Bonehammer, he who is clothed in his enemies' remains!
And last but not least, Irene Fernsvale, the Witch!

Now, let the battle commence!"

The herald yelled, waving in the general direction of the entering gladiators. The new gladiators noticed that they were wearing decent iron and steel mail armour, given to them for this reenactment of a previosu war. Every single one of them was carrying a large shield, a shortsword and 3 throwing spears, while their opponents, other new gladiators, greatly outnumbering the armoured party, armed with sickles, old and blunted swords and axes, cudgels and sticks. Their armour consisted of thorn rags, ravaged leather breastplates and rusty iron equipment.

It was clear that they had had a lot of luck, because they could easily see the same people amongst the unarmoured party that they had been imprisoned along with when they had been introduced to the arena. It was clear the other party was meant to die. And fast.

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Roran 13
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Posted 29 December 2012 - 00:02

The soldiers who had driven the poorly armed gladiators inside unleashed their wiphs at them untill the uncoordinated mob started to charge. A weak and uninspired warcry was heard throughout the arena, but surely enough to convince the spectators of their unholy and godless origins while they attacked the armoured formation.

The armoured gladiators could see fear and anger in the eyes of the attacking gladiators, mostly consisting of thieves and other criminals, but none the less, people destined to die today.

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Posted 29 December 2012 - 00:22

It's 12AM(Or night wutever), no other competetor online, I'll go first. If wrong, facepalm please.

Scarlett was the first one to react. She drew her bow with a bodkin arrow, she hesitated to let go, but she knew she had to release the arrow, if she won't, her life might be taken away from her.
She took a quick look at Ulfgar Himfordson on her side, she realised if she won't release the arrow, he and many others will die a horrible death. There will be casulties today, no doubt. But it's better to loose someone you don't know than a close person to you.
Scarlett released her arrow, it missed as the new combatants kept dodging. She drew her second arrow very quickly, but something caught her attention. In the sky, she spotted an eagle, looking down at her.
Scarlett released her second arrow with no further hesitation, it struck a young man right in his heart. She killed the first man in this tournament. Scarlett raised her hand to reach her third arrow. She drew her bow half-way without aiming, ready to shoot after the others reaction.

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Posted 29 December 2012 - 19:56

It's 20:47.

Ulfgar charged the nearest gladiator he saw, frightned for his life, he struck out with his swordstaff, only to notice that his weapon could not penetrate the gladiators armour. The enemy gladiator closed in on Ulfgar and he could feel panic rise as the gladiator tried to hit him with his sword. He backed up untill he could notice he was stuck in a cornor, and he went berserk. He flunged himself at the enemy, tearing them both to the ground, and he quickly, with a strength he did now know he had, leaped up from the ground and ran to a safe distance. While he was running, he thought ''These are no different from bears, these fellas... Powerfull, hard to kill... But slow and clumsy as a limp horse...''.

He figured out a startegy, and went towards the gladitor with sure steps. He lashed out with his swordstaff from a safe distance, allthough it did no dammage, and he jumped away whenever the gladiator tried to hit him. He then quickly stuck his swordstaff between the gladiators feet, and using the hooks on it, he pulled back. He saw with satisfaction that the gladiator went down, and with a beastly rage, he jumped on top on him, and pressed the swordstaff in his troath for all he was worth...

He then, with a cry, was ready for the poor bugger who was foolish enough to face him.

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 14:17

Djarfur just looked around, observing his comrades charging their opponents. As often, he had to think a moment to make a decision, but now he had a plan and was looking for an enemy that would fit his attack. After focusing at one gladiator, he started to run towards him. His choosen enemy was a giantic and strong man brandishing a rusty old axe. He just wore nothing but some old worn clothes. He would be a nice target to hunt down.
Dead slow and with a fearsome noise he drawed his greatsword from his scabbard. His face was formed to a frightful grimace and his full concentration went to the gladiator in front of him. He had no fear to face this man, but in a certain way he was anxious. Djarfur came to the Arena of Glory to become a man, not a corpse. So that 24 year old young man's only hope was to win this fight.
He was waiting for the gladiators first move and it came. With such a mighty and powerfullness that would have destroyed a ship Djarfur's enemy, who looked not that fearsome which made him dangerous, moved his weapon above his head to pound Djarfur's head to pieces.
In this moment Djarfur was creeped over by that strange feeling he already had while he was fighting the bear. Every thing, every move, every person and even every noise seemed to be slow. Only his movements went with the normal speed. And in this moment Djarfur became boastful. He would have lost this fight, but he was a good fighter and with this feeling, he raised his greatsword to block the axe.

#6 Euronymous, You have to realistic about these things.

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 16:02

Sorry, if there are any typos or grammar mistakes.
Håkon observed the battlefield before doing anything. He liked to fight, but he also liked to stay alive. After a little whille some of the others already started moving. Håkon started looking for someone to kill. He satt his eyes on a poorly armed peasent with a bad quality shield and a sword. Håkon swung his flamberge against the enemy, the man doged the blow by jumping backwards. Håkon followed him swinging his flamberge, the man kept jumping away from his attacks. Håkon started getting angry and with a leap followed by a slash, he mannaged to get closed enough to hit the man. The attack was blocked by his shield. Håkon heard a crushing sound, and the man screammed. Once again Håkon swung his flamberge, this time the blow landed in the middle of his opponets chest. Håkon was a little tierd after chasing the man for so long. Håkon looked over the battlefield once again, looking for a new opponet.

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 18:11

As Billy glanced towards the charging group of poorly armed peasants he took a few steps forward before realizing he couldn't join the fight. He wasn't going to kill a single peasant he told himself, so he decided to stay back as the fight started.

But a member of the enemy team approached him, there was no doubt about it, he was not a man that had participated in any past skirmishes or battles, actually, he was not even a man, Billy stared at the boy silently. He wasn't even properly equipped for fighting. The lad was wearing a ragged shirt, probably worn by many other prisoners that are now dead, his weapons were not any better, a short stick and a piece of tree bark acting like a shield.

Suddenly, Billy got knocked to the ground by another gladiator that Billy found sneaking behind him, the man had a short blunt knife on his left hand, and he knew how to use it, as he tried to stab Billy on the back as he was on the ground. The expert swordsman raised from the floor without any effort, he didnt seem hurt at all since his attacker was not very well fed, and lacked strength to actually hurt strong ol' Billy Mays.
Billy turned around quickly, and unsheathed his shortsword , given to him before the reenactment, and stabbed the man in the stomach, he took the sword out rather slowly, dealing more pain to the man.
Billy watched the man's guts on the floor before looking at the boy again, that instantly ran away to look for another opponent.

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 22:16

The world was slow. Dead slow. And only Djarfur, at least thats what he was thinking, was able to move quickly.
The axe had such a power that Djarfur had to stumble, but he was strong enough to hold the block. While he was blocking this hit with his right swordarm his left fist striked the gladiator's stomach. His opponent had to reel back and was gasping for breath.
Smelling the victory, Djarfur halled off to charge the deadly hit. The gladiator in front of him was really anxious and for one moment Djarfur became pitiful, but he remembered that only those will survive who kill all the others. And Djarfur wanted to survive. So he started an overhead swing and his greatsword cut through the gladiators shoulder and pierced deeply in his neck.
Blood pulsated out if this wound and besprinkled Djarfur. Still his enemy was not dead and so Djarfur striked off once again and thrusted his weapon straight in the heart of the gladiator.
Now we was dead. And Djarfur felt good. He was ready to kill some more.

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 11:57

Only too late Ulfgar realised he had attacked and killed one of the emeperors bodyguard. He was soon taken to a cell and he waited in dead silence for his judgement...

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 16:44

Scarlett looks over her left shoulder and sees a tall strong man,
Djarfur. He fought off fiercely many attackers, ready for
another one. Scarlett had a short look on him and thought he's,
unique, in his way. She admires him.
Scarlett doesn't know if Djarfur feels the same to her, but she won't
simply approach him and say she loves him, or instead, kiss him. He
has to do it, as Scarlett is not sure if Djarfur feels the same for
her. She hopes he does.
After a small moment, Scarlett took her eyes of Djarfur and began
looking at the enemy gladiators. She quickly realised her team was
winning, the enemy, the new gladiators were getting killed one by one.
Scarlett drew her bow with her fourth arrow and aimed at an enemy and
released the arrow. It struck her foe in his leg, but that didn't make
him stop charging.
He ran so fast, Scarlett missed her fifth arrow because she released
it too early. She dropped her bow and drew her short sword. Her
attacker was a unique man, quite short but has a fighting spirit.
He threw himself at her but Scarlett moved out of the way quickly. She
swung her sword but her foe is out of her reach. Scarlett moved up and
thrusted the sword in his chest, his blood squirted all over her face,
making it red.
She killed him. Scarlett wiped her face off the blood, at least tried
to. At one moment, she thought she seen *Viator* staring right at her,
she may be mistaking due to the blood in front of her eyes. Once again
her attention got an eagle flying in the sky, circling over her.
Scarlett began her way to Djarfur, but suddenly she got tackled down
by a woman. Scarlett couldn't do anything, but she was near Djarfur,
she hopes he'll save her, or at least try.
"I'll cut your little pretty face!" Screamed out the woman, lying on
top of her with a sword in front of her face.
Scarlett was bested, Djarfur can only save her, if he truly wants to.
That may be the sign that he feels the same. Scarlett wants to taste
his lips, but she won't kiss him first, she has to hope he will.
Someday, somehow...

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 22:57

Enthusiastic by this first bloody kill Djarfur looked around. His comrades were about to win which calmed Djarfur in a certain way. In his eyes it would have been needless if someone died who did not have to die. And his comrades should not die. Not yet.
Seeing another enemy running towards him filled him with enjoyment. It was great to feel someones blood adhering on him. But this guy, he was about 50 years old, seemed to be extremly anxious and unexperienced. And it was the failure that he was running which caused his death. Djarfur raised his blade and watched that man wielding an old spear. Again this feeling which made everthing slow creeped over Djarfur and suddenly he stabbed his sword foreward. Too late the gladiator realized that he was running in his death and the greatsword bored through the guy's breast. Blood ouzed out of the wound and the man's eyes dilated. Djarfur extracted his weapon and, to end the torments of the gladiator, he cut his head.
While blood was bespattering Djarfur and the ground the head felt down and the body sank down on the floor.
But then Djarfur saw Scarlett laying on the ground some metres away. She was crying and an old woman was about to pierce a knife in her throat. Djarfur was not sure what he was feeling for Scarlett, but a certain emotion made him handling right away. He pulled a throwing axe out of his bag and aimed at the woman's back. Normally Djarfur would not have attacked or even killed a woman, but something he was not able to classify told him to save Scarlett. Of course she was a beautiful woman, but was it love Djarfur was feeling?
Without any more thinking he released his axe and a moment later it cut through the woman's back. Djarfur run to Scarlett and gave her a leg up. While he was holding Scarlett in his arms they were looking at each other and this moment Djarfur was sure that he had fallen in love. He wanted to kiss her as she aspirated a "Thanks" with her lips but suddenly something else took their attention...

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 00:38

Scarlett looked Djarfur deeply in the eyes, as he held her in his arms. But surprisingly, something else turned their attention. The eagle which Scarlett seen twice, has landed on Scarletts bow, which was on the ground. As Scarlett looked at the eagle, she has spotted an enemy charging. She immidientally but with hesitation got free of Djarfurs grip and picked up her bow. She wiped her face of the blood previously spilt and drew her bow, aiming at the man charging.
The man? Very young, quite short for his age. Scarlett can see fear in his eyes, his will not to attack. He does what he does, he kills because he must. If he won't, he will die. He was running at Scarlett straight, no dodges or jumps. Scarlett released her arrow, which killed him, landing in his heart. It pierced him like knife through butter, no difficulties at all.
She looked over her left shoulder and could see an old man, charging at her. He tried to tackle, Scarlett quickly but swiftly moved out of the way, the man fell to the ground. Scarlett pulled out an arrow and stabbed him with it thrice, she killed him, but she made no mistake. He never hesitated in trying to kill her, why should she?
When she killed the man, she looked around her and could see a large wave of enemies running onto the arena. She thought "Has the Emperor have no mercy?"
Right by her, was Djarfur. She knew he's the one. After twenty-two years of her life, she never was so sure until now. She fears she will loose him, therefore she decided she will fight by him, no matter what. Scarlett looked at his direction. Scarlett could clearly see he was a man with no fear, but does he has hope? Hope is the only thing stronger than fear, if you have hope, you're fearless.
Scarlett lost hope a long time ago, but it seems like her hope is returning everytime she takes a loot at Djorfur. A question remains, can love wait? Scarlett knew Djorfur would never kill a woman, but he did. Does that mean he feels the same?
Scarlett thought to herself "Love must wait, at least for now."
She drew her bow and aimed at the nearest enemy. She released the arrow, missing. She decided to go melee, she placed her bow on her back and unsheathed her sword.
She took a small run to her nearest enemy and attacked. She however, picked wrong. Her enemy was taller than her, stronger, and in fact had a warhammer. Scarlett didn't hesitate, she attacked by a left swing which her enemy blocked. He swung his great warhammer like someone swinging their arms, Scarlett moved out of the way. He is too strong for her, but she thought "Mans weakest spot."
She kicked the man in his delicate parts. The man bent down out of pain and Scarlett kneed the man in his head, making him fall to the floor.
Scarlett choose carefully where to strike her sword, she thrusted it in the mans chest. The man looked at her and laughed, Scarlett took the sword out of his chest and thrusted it again in his chest, but a flinch away. She's no good at melée, but persistent.
She could see Djorfur behind her, she had a look around her, no one was close enough to harm both of them.
She walked over to him and kissed him gently on the lips.
"Oh god, what did I do. Will he hate me now?" She thought, while their their lips touched.

#13 Roran 13, Sandorra's practice target

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 11:40

Most of the unarmed men were lying dead or wounded by now, and the crowd was going wild with excitement. They cheered every time blood was spilled, every time a heart stopped beating, and 1 person's dreams, goals, thoughts, and fears vanished into the realm of the dead. Even when a royal guard was slain by a murderous gladiator the people cheered. With utter disgust the pacifists living in the city heard the cries for more. The arena had only just openened, and the people wanted to see more blood.

The armoured gladiators wereset in a circle, and ordered to bow before the public, as the herald started speakin again.

"And so the mightly legions of Krymar defeated the evil hordes of the East! No longer would the Slavish people resist the iron fist of the empire! When their fighting lust was finally subdued, we continued in our eternal conquest to civlize the world, and created peace and harmony in the barbaric lands! Say goodbye to our gladiators, who now shall retreat, as once our legions did out of the East, and the lands shall shift!"

The herald yelled, while the gladiators were surrounded by Imperial guards and driven towards the underground complex. There they had to deliver their arms and armour and were left in the large gladiator's hall.

The gladiator's hall was a large room, with a small tavern on one side, offering every alcoholic beverage made throughout united Europe, and there were offered meals after every fights. Further along that wall one could see a large amount of training tools, such as weights, wooden training weapons and balancing tests. There also were comfortable seats and a swimming pool, all reserved for the exhausted gladiators. However, first they were led along the hallway next to it, where hundreds of doors marked the walls, leading to the personal cells of the gladiators. Each cell had a bed, a toilet and a washing device. This revolutionary system allowed the gladiators to wash themselves with water from the drains, where the rain was caught above the arena.

After they had washed themselves, they were given basic clothing, a clean and simple tunic, and released into the large loft.

"Now! Look! After the war was over, the rebels conquered, the dead buried, the lands shifted! From the barren steppes and cold grasslands a beautifull and breathtaking landscape grew! Farms sprouted like young trees and wealth was quickly gathered as we civilized the lands of the barbarians! However! Soon we realised that the barbarians wouldn't settle down this easily! The axes of war were never far from the plough of peace! And so the gladiators came to be!"

The herald outside continued as the floor of the arena sunk and was exchanegd with another one, filled with a beautifull field with flowers and trees, a small pond near a sole willow tree, and a small hut. A single farmer started gently caressing the land around him to further illustrate his words, when suddenly a barbarian charged hil with an axe, showing how hard it was for the peaceful people of the Empire to live along the warlike barbarians. The arena's floor shifted once more into a sand plain, and new gladiators walked inside the arena, ready to fight to the death.

Meanwhile, in the underground gladiator's lounge, there was served a delicious hot meal consisting of a honey-soaked lamb steak served with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. The servants were clearly afraid of the gladiators in the room, afraid to be slaughtered any moment. Some tried to look brave, yet most were fearful. When the cook appeared he wished them all good luck, and admitted that he pitied them. He was one of the few who knew the cruel ways of their empire, and were forced to live in this system. Nonetheless, the food was excellent and he left as soon as he appeared.

In 4 hours they would have to re-enter the arena again, this time, pitched against eachother.

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 18:36

Djarfur was happy to be given a break. After the blood on his skin was removed by washing he felt good. The clothes he was wearing now were light and he was relieved to allowed to take his armour off.

He still was thinking about that kiss. It confused him that Scarlett kissed him. They even did not know anything about each other. They had to talk about so many things. But deeply in Djarfur there was an emotion. Something that made him understand why Scarlett kissed him. Djarfur would have handled the same way. He has been about to kiss her while he was holding her in his arms. But at this time he was too bemused about what his feelings were doing with him.
But now he was sure. Now he knew that he loved her. That he admired her. That he wanted to kiss her another time.

Scarlett was sitting on a bench in corner drinking some water. Now, just clothed in a linen tunic, she looked even more beautiful. Djarfur plucked up courage and went straight to her.

"Hello", he said. "You have been doing well in the arena".

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 19:20

Scarlett, like the other gladiators, were given a generous break, after their enemies lied dead or half dead on the arena, the Emperor decided to spare the peasants and the untrained, just this once.
The whole team, the team where Scarlett was began their way off the arena into the underground complex, they were cheered as they were walking off.
As Scarlett arrived into the complex, she washed her face with pure water, to get rid of the blood of her foes. She also washed her hands and arms.
When she was finished, she walked over to the armourer and started to take off her heavy armour. She didn't hesitate to take it off, it was heavy and she had some trouble breathing in it. She is not used to the heavy armour, she never wore it in any battle.
Everyone one of the gladiators were handed a simple tunic to wear and were stripped off their weapons, for personal safety of course.
Scarlett dressed in the simple tunic and sat in a far bench in a corner, with a cup of water by it. She took a sip and then she could see Djarfur approaching her.
He sat down opposite her and looked her in the eyes for a small moment. Scarlett didn't want to say anything, but then Djarfur had the courage to go first.

"Hello", he said. "You have been doing well in the arena".
Scarlett replied softly, "You never had to save me, my attacker was a woman, and you never kill women."

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Roran 13
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Posted 03 January 2013 - 20:36

"Hah! Look at them! The 2 lovers! Never seen eachother before and already in love! I bet she's a whore!"

Gorbald sank down another heavy beer when he spat on the ground. He despised them. He despised the weak cook. He despised everything in this empire.

"Tonight you'll fight eachother and then you're..." He continued before taking another sip. "...Both fucking wanking, or fucking, or dead. I don't care which happens, but at least you killed some motherfuckers out there. Couldn't care less about the rest."

He said, before continuing to drink beer without stop. He had devoured the lamb roast in mere minutes, not taking time to enjoy it, he just fed himself. He was a hardy soldier, not a culinary specialist, not a gladiator.

"Don't mind him." a young and beautiful woman said, while joining their table. She had never wanted to become a gladiator, and therefor tried to live as normal as possible. "He's a lousy old fool who can't forgive himself for being defeated by this empire. My name is Helena by the way. Helena Stratford." She anounced herself, taking a bite out of the excellent meal. "Great meal Anton!" She yelled.

When an elderdly lady, shaking of age passed them muttering strange words, she patted her on the shoulders. "Don't worry Irene. I'm sure your husband will return soon!" She said. The old woman looked her in the eyes and laughed. Her laugh was so real it was creepy. "Yes yes! Gorald will return soon! He'll take me to our homestead in Krymor! Yes yes! Gorald never abandons Irene, Gorald loves Irene! Yes yes! Hihahahhhihihihih!" The elderly woman said with a strange emotion hidden in her voice that none of them could identify.

"Don't mind her, she's been here for all her life, since her husband died in the wars. Went crazy. Poor old hag kills every manly gladiator she fights. She's the oldest known gladiator around!" Helena continued while enjoying the lamb steak.

Everyone in the lounge was suddenly surprised when a loud cry was heard and a small boy was tossed throguh the air like a toy. "BALDOR NO STEAL MY FOOD!" The giant Ingvar yelled, at which he returned to his table and staretd peacefully eating, with the highest form of etiquette the gladiators would ever see.

"Damn you Ingvar!" The small noisy kid yelled, after which he continued to eat his own.

"Don't mind them. Baldor is a spoiled brat, smll and annoying, and Ingvar is a gently giant. Don't make him angry though!" Helena laughed at her 2 companions.

Crapantius wandered outside of his dorm, still reeking just as bad as before, to everyone's disgust.

"Take a bath you cursed fool!"
"Murdrous swins'll kill all of us!"
"Kill it before the stench stays!"

Rhogan merely laughed and continued to his place, when suddenly Ingvar stood before him.

"Old man wash please. Ingvar doesn't like smell. Ingvar wants to eat honey-coated lamb. Need help washing?" The giant said gently to the old man, to which he turned pale under all the dirt. He managed to bring out some uncoordinated noises before he answered.

"Eh.. I eh.. I'll do it myself, young man!"

To the great amusement of all gladiators inside, Rhoganquickly slammed the door of his dorm thight behind him, and soon they could hear the sound of running water.

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 22:57

"Forgive me, I have something to attend to." Scarlett excused herself, standing up and leaving Djorfur behind. She walked over to the table with all the food. Pork, meat, all other basic food you'd expect there to be. There was a knife thrusted in the chicken. She took a quick look at Gorbald, sitting on a bench right by the table, his right hand was fully open on the table while he was downing the beer.

She grabbed the knife in her right hand and pulled it out. As she pulled it out, she began walking in the direction of Gorbald, steadily, open hearted.
Scarlett, was taller than Gorbald, younger and a lot taller. Gorbald looked like a pipsquike while she stood right next to him, but that doesn't make her automatically win.
His hand was still on the table. Scarlett gained courage and thrusted the knife in thr wooden table between the fingers of Gorbald.
"Next time I won't be so careful." She said.
"Do me a favour. Shut that fat gob up." She added.
She let go of the knife and turned, making her way back where she sat, hoping Djarfur will give her the answer. The kiss was not needed, but what's done cannot be undone.

#18 Euronymous, You have to realistic about these things.

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 23:06

After Håkon had washed himself, he took use of the pool.After about 30 minuts of swimming, he went to the dining hall to eat. Håkon found a bench and started eating for himself. The meal was good, and the ale he got server was excellent. He was not that happy for not being as effective in the arena as he should had been.

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 13:54

After Billy had washed the blood off his hands and was wearing the clean white tunic he started to remember. The corpses of the innocent spreaded all over the arena, he was not happy to have taken part in that slaughterhouse, but he didn't do much anyway, he overall stood away from the battle, killed one or two peasants as only a few people in the crowd yelled at him 'Coward! go out there and fight!'.
<<I have to get ready>> Billy thought, <<This is far from over, they will probably take us out to the arena once more in two days or so.>> he told himself.
But no time to think about anything else, he served himself some food and sat next to the other gladiators. Ale and meat were all in plenty, he stared down towards his drink, with a disappointed expression

''I'd gladly drink some water instead of this rubbish...'' he mumbled.

But he was thirsty, so he raised the tankard towards his lips and took a big swig from it, accompanying the piece of meat he recently swallowed. Billy wasn't really hungry, so he started inspecting the other gladiators with his blue eyes, his gaze stopped to look at the pair of lovers and chuckled before finally saying :

''Fools, the Emperor will enjoy playing with you both, you'd probably have to kill yourselves in the next skirmish...''

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 21:15

Djarfur looked into Scarlett's eyes.
"I know there is a feeling that tries to reveal something to me. I know its love. And I know it would be better to deal with it after we got out of here. I will find a way."

From this moment on Djarfur felt free. And happy. The thing that will be is hightest target is surviving. After surviving he maybe would be able to search after love.

Djarfur had one more look in her eyes and then he went to the bar. He was thursty. And hungry.

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