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Erotic Role-Play Thread OFFICIAL

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#121 Rangah, Alpharius Omegon

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Posted 16 December 2016 - 14:26

oh jesus fuck i just reread rangahs story. 


w h y 


w h y is it so well written 

so you can enjoy it multiple times, over and over

#122 Matrona, stupid cav main

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Posted 16 December 2016 - 14:30

Hugo's graduation
It was a hot day in Sweden and Hugo was getting ready. Getting ready for what, you may ask? Hugo was about to step up on the stage and receive a document. A document that would let him him leave this wretched place they call school. Yes, he was about to graduate. As his principal said his name and asked him to come up on the stage, he remembered that no one actually cares about him. He had always been the laughing stock at school, getting bullied by classmates and teachers alike. They always called him a weirdo for collecting swords and playing games with foreign people he could never actually meet. Tears started to well up in his eyes and he was about to start crying in front of the entire school. Finally he heard his name and had no other choice but to go up on the stage. He started thinking of his old Internet buddy, Demon. For some reason, doing that always calmed Hugo down. As he was walking down the stage, with the paper in hand, he saw someone waving to him from the far back of the crowd. Hugo had no idea who could that be and decided to ignore him. He walked out of the hall and started to make his lonely way home. Suddenly, he heard a car slowing down next to him. He just kept walking and didn't pay attention. A few seconds later, he heard a shout: "Oi, didn't you recognize me Hugo?" Hugo stopped and his heart started beating faster. "Why was this person talking to me in English? How does he know my name?", he thought to himself. He turned around and saw a black Volvo slowly creeping towards him. He looked at the driver and was shocked. He looked exactly like that man on the picture Demon sent him once, claiming that it was him. "D-Demon?!", he stuttered. A big smile appeared on Demon's face: "Of course it's me you fockin cheeky cunt, who else would remember about your graduation? Now, hop in and I'll take you somewhere fancy." Hugo couldn't believe it. He opened the door and climbed in the seat next to Demon. He couldn't say a word and simply let Demon drive. After a few minutes, Demon suddenly stopped in an empty parking lot next to a cafe. "What are we doing here?", Hugo asked. "You'll see. Now stop asking questions and hop in the back seat", said Demon with a cheeky smile on his face. Hugo did what Demon asked. They both sat there for a while without saying a word. Suddenly, Hugo felt a hand on his crotch. He quickly pulled away and yelled: "What the fuck?! Are you out of your mind?" The smile on Demon's face disappeared. "I see. I guess we'll have to do this the hard way". Without a warning, Demon jumped on top of Hugo, smashing his head against the car door and knocking him out. 
Hugo opened his eyes. He felt like his head was about to explode. Suddenly, he realised he was lying naked in a bed, his hands and feet tied to the bed itself. He was scared and started to whimper. "Don't worry, it will all be over soon", said Demon, who had been sitting next to the bed. "What the fuck is going on!?", Hugo yelled. "I always knew no one loved you. No one but me. You need to know how it feels to be with someone who cares for you", said Demon, as he rose from the chair. He was naked as well. He untied Hugo and told him to get on his knees. Hugo obeyed, knowing what was going to happen. "Close your eyes, honey", Demon whispered and shoved his massive dick inside Hugo. Hugo let out a scream of pain. The monster cock was killing him. Demon started to move. Hugo was panting hard, unable to breathe, every sensation in his body tuned to that thick pole moving ever deeper inside him. He struggled to move away, to find some sense of relief, if only temporarily, if only to try to better accommodate the sinking pillar that was splitting him asunder. But strong, ropy-muscled arms were pulling him even closer into a firm, bulging chest. Big, calloused hands were grabbing at his thighs, pulling his legs up behind him and around the slim hips of his oppressor. Pulling his butt cheeks in closer to the groin of his assaulter. Sinking that massive cock deeper and deeper into his channel. "You..you are killing me!", Hugo managed to squeal. The huge pillar inside him started to slide in and out even faster, balls slapping against his butt cheeks. Suddenly, Demon let out a scream of pleasure, and Hugo could feel the warm semen of Demon inside his rectum. Hugo passed out, for the pain was too unbearable. He awoke in his own bed, his ass still in pain. There was a note on the table next to him. It said: "Happy Graduation Day! ;)"


#123 Darius, i want someone to churn butter in my ass

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 04:41

Rangah can't even type one sentence to me on steam without creating an entirely new alphabet so I don't see how he wrote this on his own

#124 Gazz, I stand with big dick Macron, fuck islam

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 08:34

you're just jealous of his excellent ERP skills, wonder where he got so good at writing shitty porn stories though :----------o

#125 Darius, i want someone to churn butter in my ass

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 10:27

Clearly from the memes you and ryan send into chat all day every day ._. 

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