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Thief Too Difficult

Too few people,The number is too small, it is difficult to steal gold coins。
Stealing 80 gold coins per turn。
If you have a large number of people, you can steal some, but it is difficult to steal gold coins when there are few people.
Except for finding a friend, illegally brushing points

Type: General


This achievment is mainly meant to be played on Siege with higher playernumbers - if you can, try it there; it's really not that hard with those conditions.

Git good Faggot

It's not that difficult tho I never managed to steal 80 coins

I stole 79 and I ragequited for 2 years ;-;

Thief is a fun class to relax yourself and kick archer's butts from behind. Shield is for amateurs.

When you complete ALL Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance missions, nothing is difficult.



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