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Only Melee Character Maps

There's a problem with archers/melee classes I mean an archer with poor armor bow etc. can take full armored heavy two handed too easy. But we could solve this problem by adding only melee-combat stat players map (I suppose we could this because in battle you can't take 2 horse archers in one team we can use same thing). My opinion is change RU servers bcs I don't see they are working even russians play on EU servers. And It could add new feature for mercenaries.

Not: If you think it's not a problem ıt just your idea don't judge other thinkers please thanks. :lol:
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Type: Map


In my opinion its good idea but you need to remember about cavs, no matter how good are you with polearms, you cant survive on flat ground with 2 noob on horses in team vs 10 experts on horses.

I think only foot fightnig + meele will be better than being raped by cavs in every rounds or become cav (i dont hava problem with horses but cav classes are to eazy and don't need to use blocks, just hit and run and it mean for me booooooooooooring).

I'm not sure if anyone would want a only meele server with teamdeathmatch like me but i must say that i like  those types of games from Native.

Jun 07 2020 18:36

Yes Cavs when they 2 or more so op I mean they can kill you by circle-hit tactic easily. 

buy a pike. 


buy a shield.


dont walk in straight lines.


leave the game.


four equally valid solutions.

Jun 10 2020 18:07

lul cav is "easy", and yet you can still see braindead cavs rush into pikes etc xD, ranged are the easiest classes especially xbow anyway ppl wont listen no matter what you say

Jun 10 2020 19:31

AND not forget CAV+ARCHER combination Horse Archers...

Lord Gaius FatCat
Jun 21 2020 19:58

man.. some times, you JUST have to take it in the ass...

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ok bro we will get to it

that would instantly make battle 10 times better

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Dec 13 2020 19:50