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Max Player Capacity

increasing the max player capacity for Mercenaries_EU2 (Siege) would be good since most players on hh time have to join Mercenaries_EU1 (Battle) because of the merc_eu2 is always full.
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send a pm to homer and he will increase it asap!

Hi, send Dogecoins to me and I will do what I can.

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Lord Gaius FatCat
Feb 04 2021 15:02

Yes, you need to pay a tribute of dogecoins to Wang, then the server capacity will be increased.

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But in reality, are you willing to pay for the larger servers?

how much would that be sandorra?

I don't know. Homer has, so far, ran the servers of his own purse, barring the occasional donation

yeah im aware of that, it just sounded like you could do something about the capacity and i reckon larger servers wouldnt be thaaat expensive

Kerox is on the right path, tbh, the amount of new players from the Turkish community would be more than happy to fund! xDDD

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they can honestly slither back into the depths they came from and first of all get rid of their literal dictator. alternatively we could fund by smoking less fat ass doinks and investing that money B)

Make me an admin and I'll get rid of them all. :)

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its not like a weeb is one bit better :blush:

in all fairness servers wouldnt cost anymore (since the current serverbox should have enough power to handle a larger cap), but due to the wonky nature of warband performance might still be worse

120 slots would do, since battle is just as enjoyable, the problem with performance is visible when you play huge maps just like in PK, here it shouldnt be this much of a problem
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Dec 17 2021 16:41

People saying that mercs is dying but in reality we need to increase server capacity B) B) B)

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