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Make Plate Great Again!

Was wondering if you could make it so that Arrows and Bolts have little to no effect on full plate armour. (Bolts at long range maybe)

I do not own the armour, it is just a bit weird seeing something that would, realistically, deflect most incoming missiles, get shot to shit by archers with a strong bow.

If that is not possible then perhaps simply increasing the damage threshold, for ranged weapons, on Plate armour. Although I understand this would then make Full Plate very OP, nevertheless I'm sure you could simply increase the price on the marketplace to deter overuse.

HOWEVER, I think you should make guns a 1 hit kill on everything. On Plate as well. Because it's a god damned gun.

Anyway, if it is a realistic idea then please let me know and look into it but if it is something that you think would be too hard/unbalanced then that's fine

Type: Item


Feb 26 2017 04:40

You might not know that because youre somewhat new to mercs but this suggestion came up soooo many times in different ways and allways ended in "Nothing is gonna change, Plate armour is how it should be to make the game balanced (and i would say the same)"


+ the mod creator: Homer, is not active anymore and u shouldnt expect any updates on this mod anymore, its not going to change.

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what dad said

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You are also not one who knows history. 


Bolts were primarily made to puncture armour as well as specific arrows to puncture armour with bows. 


Strong bow being the most powerful in the game is ofc gonna kill a guy in plate, as should longbows. 


If you are gonna make a suggestion at a time when there's a point to make a suggestion do your research first

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