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Less Dark Sallet With Visor And Bevor

Pls give less dark option for the 8k sallet. Almost every real world equivalent to the masterwork plate was used with a variation of that helmet, why can't we get it in the correct color?
Thanks for reading this, also this. This too.
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Type: Item


Apr 20 2020 13:18

yes I as an unbiased outsider agree with this suggestion

Pickelus Custardus
Apr 20 2020 13:30

i mean you could just open up your favourite art program and mess around with the overlay tool until youre satisfied, its really simple give it a shot, although you will need a plugin for dds files first so dont forget that


edit: also remember that the other option is hoping that homer will do it so yeah this will be way faster

Lord Gaius FatCat
Apr 21 2020 08:52

gimp + dds plugin should do the trick