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Handgonne Change

This basicly a nerf but potential uttility
Allow Handgonne to be reloaded

Recommend Restriction :
Reduce slots can be used by 1 Handgonne
Allow Ammo pouch that translate to X ammo per slot > That X could be 1 or more if needed
Unlike Bolts, Arrows, Thrown Projectiles, bullets can't be recieved if miss wich is already the case

Water my make ammo useless [Wet] and or increase misfire % change

If without the above restrictions
To allow reloading allows more flexibilty by either stack multiple handgonne's in multiple inventory slots to fire directly [If is already the case]
Allow to reload using ammo for additional shot rather than direct fire from loaded handgonne

Type: Item


Nah, Homer is away. (your idea is good tho)


Mar 28 2019 07:08
We could just steal the code from Fianna or something. Like, guns are already relodable there and I think the bullet files are already in this Mercs as well to start with.

you dont need to steal code from anywhere...

There is an item for bullets in the game anyway. They just aren't purchasable on the site. Instead of nerfing the guns you could just make the bullets obscenely expensive like 400k or something, gives old rich players something to waste their money on and actually gives an item some rarity.

The main reason, besides balance issues, for not having reloading possibility for handgonne is the lack of animation. The handgonne would currently use crossbow reloading animation, which, you might all agree, looks quite silly on an handgonne

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the handgonne use the flintlock pistol reload animation from native?

Apr 01 2019 09:05
WFaS already has loading animations for muskets, why not take it from there? I think the codes are compatible between games.