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Equipment Website Preview

Hello everyone,

I think I am not the only one who sometimes got the issue of how the equipment fits together with all other items you want to buy additionally to the body Armor. For the people who knows the Merc single player hint, it is not an issue anymore, but there are a bunch of complete new players who might want to have a preview of their equipment they want to choose (like in MMOs). So here is my suggestion:

If possible, a developer with access to the website etc. (I know it's only Homer but let's be theoretical) can make a "preview" option such as "buy". Then, the player can whether search for the other items he wants in preview to the item he has been chosen before, or he just goes to another marketplace section and does the same steps as he did in the start. Of course this is not a high priority suggestion, and maybe it is not even possible, but I would like to know the opinion of you guys

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Isn't there something like this already? I remember you had to donate some € tho.

Isn't there something like this already? I remember you had to donate some € tho.

You can see how much damage you receive at what point of Armor as far as I know

Paid are stats for weapons, how much damage/hits you deal to each body part, overall damage, total kills, dismounts, KD, total hits, hits per kill. That sort of stuff.

So we could have a use for my suggestion.
Feb 14 2019 09:52

This is a dying mod, why would Homer spend time doing things like this

Feb 14 2019 18:33

NI and Crpg are dying not Mercs.

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Ari is just being bitter, ignore him