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Community Patch

Since Homer has been dead, the mod hasn't been updated in a while, could we possibly have a community update?

I know this has been asked before but the only reason I'm bringing it up again is that there is a community update happening in NW. Maybe it would open up the possibility of it more? http://www.fsegames....p?topic=36936.0

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Homer is not dead

Dan the Chef
Aug 20 2017 20:57
He's just been very busy, I know. He could just have some other people work on this project with him supervising while he finishes what he needs to.
Homer is back
The problem with this is that we don't have access to the server files or the databases. Meaning we can't exactly make any real changes, except stuff like distribute texture packs or banner packs etc.
Dan the Chef
Aug 21 2017 03:53

Pretty much what it comes down to is that we need Homer's blessing for anything to happen.

Homer reminds me luke in Star Wars 7. Thats why Homer is going to die soon :(
I dont understand this. You are aware of Homer being busy/not here atm, but yet you suggest a community update?
Don't get me wrong tho. But who would search for things, prepare the files, put stuff working together and upload it? And then again, you gotta tell people about it.
Dan the Chef
Sep 09 2017 23:24
Pretty much this is just putting the idea out there. Maybe people would be willing to offer their help or maybe not. I know Homer is pretty much dead but if he did ever decide to come back on the forums then maybe he would see this.
Sep 29 2017 07:04

Humer will nevur cum back :/

Dec 06 2017 14:33

Does he get any sort of income from this mod?If not,why won't he give an access to files to people like Sandorra or Dawlish?

It's his project that he has been working on alone for many years. He has paid for servers out of his own pocket. I think it's only reasonable that he's reluctant to allow some guys on the internet modify his work.

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Dan the Chef
Aug 11 2018 22:41

smh kids stealing my ideas once again