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Clan List

I am not really sure how many people would find that useful but I believe having a clan list with active mercenaries clans, leader steams, interested in CWs, etc .. would benefit everyone, especially for CWs organisation.

A lot of 'active' clans don't necessarily have their own clan page. Sometime, certain clan page are also outdated or do not contain the basic informations you are looking for (such as steam links).

If admins don't have time to run it, I'd be more than glad to take care of it myself and make it as pretty / organized as possible. As long as it is pinned among the 'clanship' forum board, I think its worth giving it a shot.

If it ends up being useless and/or not updated regularly, then you can simply remove it or switch the person in charge of it.
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go for it

I have created one for our own leadership and updated it a few times, but I can tell you, its a very annoying thing to keep up to date due to the limitation of information that reaches you and the amount of clans that pop up and are gone in even a month. Simply most clans do not survive or fall apart in a couple of smaller clans who on their turn don't survive and form new ones etc. 

Tamas and me did also recently created a steamgroup page and put all the contact details on it, but this one is sadly also already outdated and incomplete --> https://steamcommuni...esmatchplanning


I do think that a page on the mercenaries forum will eventually be the most effective and easiest  to reach. New clans could also post their details on this thread when they are interested in playing clanwars. 


Do know again what you are starting ;p It'll be a painfull process keeping it up to date :s. 

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Dec 17 2018 09:46

I think having a steam/discord channel with clan leaders/ambassadors would be the best. As Edric said before, it seems like a pain in the ass to keep up to date with all the information. Clans come and go, but core members are always the same

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Dec 17 2018 14:17

yea there lot Rebrand, Renamed Clans where members are 90% the same, not mention the fused and multi-clan members accounts by same players

Dan the Chef
Dec 20 2018 20:19
Dumb question but can't we just display like clans who have played a CW in the last 2 weeks or something?



I understand where you are coming from but I am not sure Discord/Steam would necessarily be a better platform for such a list. Steam conversations just quickly become a spam fest and are not really legible when looking for quick information. And a steam group will face the same issue as a forum list which is the problem of being quickly outdated. 


Discord is a safe option but the problem is that some people are still very reluctant to use it. Not much you can do about it, mentality will evolve with time but for now, I am not sure if it's a better idea. 




The point of the list is for someone to keep it updated obviously, otherwise, it ends up being useless. I will give it a try,  if I can't keep up with all the changes/rebrand etc .. then someone will be free to take over or we can just forget about it.