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Captain Battle - Party Battle


Despite being in this community for about five years now I've never bothered posting anything untill now.
Recently I've caught myself playing a lot of native, specifically Captain battle.

Essentially what they've done is that they took Commander Battle from NW and turned it into native with native troops such as cav, inf or ranged.
The suggestion is quite ambitious but I believe it is something worth looking into.


Captain Battle

There are a few ways how this could be made.

Option 1: You will join the server with your regular mercenaries character as usual, the bots in your 'party' will have the same equipment and same build as your own character, the amount of characters spawned could depend on the amount of actual players in the server or the cost of your equipment.

Option 2: You join with your own character as per usual, you will have the choice between the 3 normal classes (either the mercenary basic troops or native troops which are still in Mercenaries themselves, so it wouldn't need to be modded) being infantry, ranged or cavalry. This allows for more fair-play but may be a little less interesting than option 1.

Option 3: This shall require the most work out of all the options, the player will be able to build their party just like normal characters, they can make the build of the party that they spawn with and choose the equipment on a marketplace which should exclude a few items such as guns, masterwork plate and other weapons which should be considered 'op' when there is a massive amount. The amount of bots spawned in the party could be depending on upgrades done to the party much like how you can upgrade the amount of inventory slots, each bot getting more expensive as the number rises. Or on the build ofcourse, being able to buy 'skills' which allows a player to have more bots, stronger bots or faster bots. This is my personal favorite choice - Though I am aware of the amount of work that would need to go into this.

I care little if this is an official addon or just a script that runs on a server where you don't earn any money whatsoever, it is great fun and for those who want to know what it's like you can play Commander battle on NW or TG_Captain_Battle on native (gamemode; battle).
I am aware that this is very ambitious, but I'd like to see what people think of it and if anyone would be willing to work on this.
And ofcourse, if this would actually ever be added it could also be fun to see if it would function in clanwars - That'd make for something interesting.
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Could make it so that your bots have the same build as you and lower tier equivalents of your gear, to refrain from 20 full tin can shielders. For example if you have a heavy scimitar the bots would have a normal one of an iron spiked mace would result in them having a flanged or winged mace. Same with armour.
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Or even that you can choose how many bots to have but the more you have the more their armour is downgraded.
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While the possibility of customizing the gear does sound fun, it would really be way too much effort for the gain, and would probably be exploited in one way or another
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if u could get gold then it would be abused af for farming gold

While the possibility of customizing the gear does sound fun, it would really be way too much effort for the gain, and would probably be exploited in one way or another

definitely not gonna get 20 plate shielders that just tank everything while I run around as HA

so basically mercenaries having lower-tier mercenaries

Feb 21 2019 21:22