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1H Macess And Their High Chance Of Knockdown

If u join eu1 or eu2, ull see alot of ppl using those 1h maces, it doesnt matter which one.

in general its very often,that u face someone with that said weapontype and the first hit u receive is a knockdown.
Its not only me,but the chance of knockdown is insane and pisses me off,even more then the horses,barley touching u,
actually in slomo and u still fall over and everything u do is interruped.

lowering the chance of knockdown or atleasst reduce their speed would be a nice way to see other 1h weapons then maces again on all servers.

many and most of ppl which will cry here about maces being not op and so on are most likely using ones theirself.

Type: Item


Nov 26 2018 15:47

I don't know man...

Buy Polearm/ Flamberge.



Hold S


Problem solved. 

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a slight nerf to onehanded maces has been proposed to Homer.

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Hi aeaeaeaeaeg

oh ma gawd, i stand no chance against those maced-builles, ma scimi is just too short, too slow and too low in damage, lawd help me

just learn to block xddddd

Nov 30 2018 18:03

can we ban Teddeh

right click to block = no knockdown

Lord Gaius FatCat
Dec 02 2018 21:36

left click to block = no knockdown either

Get good, untermensch.
Play xbow and shoot them each time they get close