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  Title Status Server Your Character Their Characters

Insulting My Name

Solved EU2 (Siege) Gysum AntoineLeSuceur

Crusade Severely Insulting Me.

Solved EU1 (Battle) [TWC]Wotsit_3h Fred_Perry, Mikasa, B...

Kicking Down Ppl From Wall

Solved EU1 (Battle) [RoseCroix*Zoor]DAisuki [Hannover]Xeanarains

Cheating Achievements And Insulting

Solved EU1 (Battle) Mr_Frendly_evolved Korpi guys


Rejected EU1 (Battle) Sinou Mikasa

Koraj Ironically Insulting

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) [Crusade]Soturi Koraj

Teamkilling - Insulting

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) MayorFromWarband EpicYoko

Death Evade

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Berget [Spades]Becca_C

Banned 3 Days For "excessive Warnin...

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Caitlyn_Jenner MitsukiAkai

Remove This (Open For The Reason)

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) Apollo_ HoogPenis2

Intentional Teamkill

Solved EU2 (Siege) Berget , Vlades [Gothik*RealSteel]Epi...


Solved EU1 (Battle) Jock HOCOK_B_CMETAHE

Holy_Inq Colluding

Solved EU1 (Battle) Nakki Flexie_Wexie, Qoray,...


Solved EU1 (Battle) [VGS*Malteser]Chappeh Venice*Ratte's -...

Rejoining Immediately After Death

Solved EU1 (Battle) [INH]Zblugorbpszyon love

Extreme Anti-Semitism, Racism And Slander

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Sherwood [[Akai]SirSpeed]

Naughty Stacks Insult Me

Rejected EU2 (Siege) Apollo_ HoogPenis2


Solved EU2 (Siege) Skylark- White-Eagle

Disgusting Racism #notoracism

Solved EU1 (Battle) MarijAmbro Extazi-

Team Killed And Laughs....

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) Unfairhawkz xiwi