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EU Servers

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  Title Status Server Your Character Their Characters

Ophard Teamkilling (Again...)

Solved EU1 (Battle) jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj... OpHard

Leonidas Insulting

Solved EU2 (Siege) Altoleek [BH]Leonidas

Racist Insult

Solved EU2 (Siege) [HoA]Shedew DivineAnal

Tk And Insults

Rejected EU2 (Siege) Lord_Fetish Alex70_Infantry / Egoo


Solved EU1 (Battle) Zapper2356 Skanday

Idiots Teamplaying For Money!

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) [INH]Bowlicious Patician, Lord_Borat...


Solved EU1 (Battle) [INH]Noyzspbrogulbz Spartic, Malinka

Zapper2356 Is Insulting

Solved EU1 (Battle) [INH]Zblugorbpszyon Zapper2356

Intentional Tk

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) Kercules Berk_III

Leave Server After Teamhit.

Solved EU2 (Siege) Jufasto_HA Raiza_The_Trolling_Stone


Unsolved EU2 (Siege) Jufasto_HA Gonothor

Constantly Kicking Me Every Round

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) Welsh_Lad Chivalrus_Giovanni

Bert Th

Rejected EU1 (Battle) AlHaddad Crusade Bert

Megamen Is A Nigerian Boy Aka Moslim

Rejected EU2 (Siege) jacques goyim_megamen

Bert Th

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Katniss_Everdeen Bert


Solved EU1 (Battle) LiVion Man_in_black_inf

Teamkilling And Delaying

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) Soturi XoJIoD, ReLor

Massssiiiiiveee Teamhitting

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Sloths Entire server

Admins Abusing Their Powers And Insulti...

Solved EU2 (Siege) Fast_Lulu Jopo, LT4, Sandorra (...

Team Hit

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) HououinKyouma Jannern, Lee_Ying