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EU Servers

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  Title Status Server Your Character Their Characters

Disturbing Duels

Unsolved EU3 (Duel) DGH TITILOU

He Friend Of Mother And Mine

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Spruce_Moose Craven guy

Banned Me Cuz Hes Mad I Trolled Him In Nw

Rejected EU1 (Battle) [OkeDaddy]BushCraven PrussiaRS

Deliberate Horse Killing

Solved EU1 (Battle) NervaTrajano Duff_Beer_The_Original

Kicking Ppl Off Walls

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) Breakfest [GA*2H]oVer


Rejected EU1 (Battle) GCIII JOPO


Unsolved EU1 (Battle) StealthyNinja bilbobeutlin


Rejected EU1 (Battle) Okuma The_Sad_Queen

Teamhit 2X

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Pubsi DaggerFag

2 Reports

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) Altoleek Fon1xX & Derrien


Rejected EU2 (Siege) Valanchius EatDaPunCake

Insult To A Player

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) TheWizard Artorus

Garcher Delay And Death Evade

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) Apul-Madeek_Aoud Garcher


Solved EU1 (Battle) Remus RodgersRanger

An Actual Death Evade!

Solved EU2 (Siege) Joan Sharkans

Kicked Me Down A Wa

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) Doku1 Klio-II


Rejected EU1 (Battle) GCIII [Korpi]JOPO & som...

Tked Me

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) Templar_Kinght [2qL4U]Fimbultyr

Noimar Got Banned For Nothing

Rejected EU1 (Battle) [BHM]Fallrach [BHM]Noimar_Hood

Hitting Me At Spawn

Rejected EU2 (Siege) Jock Altoleek