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EU Servers

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  Title Status Server Your Character Their Characters


Rejected EU1 (Battle) DGH / GCIII Gareh

Teamhitting With A Torch.

Solved EU1 (Battle) Korlel Eiku

Reporting Three People

Solved EU1 (Battle) Kory,Korai MorgothBauglir,Hemogl...

Death Evading

Solved EU1 (Battle) Celtic Fengu

Kory Insult

Rejected EU1 (Battle) MrPluym_PA Kory

Insulting, Delaying, Spamming

Solved EU1 (Battle) Celtic Primus, NOR_Petrovich...

Primus And Co. Chatspamming

Solved EU1 (Battle) [Vinroth*Dame]Rohaja Primus, Judge_ and ot...

Primus And Judge Teamkilling

Solved EU1 (Battle) Remus Primus and Judge

Primus Insulting

Solved EU1 (Battle) StabbyJew Primus

Opening Doors As Redstone On Siege

Solved EU2 (Siege) Deserter Nul


Solved EU2 (Siege) Asator90 HoundClegane

King_Leonidas Insult

Solved EU1 (Battle) Tiger_II King_Leonidas


Solved EU1 (Battle) Okuma Invisible

Teamhitting 3 Times And Acted Like An I...

Solved EU1 (Battle) Okuma Random person (Bert/B...


Rejected EU1 (Battle) Lady_Sophia_Drakensrok adeshellfire

Intentional Teamhitting

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Kerkis_Cav SarumanTheWise

Stood Infront Of Team Archer

Solved EU2 (Siege) Nordic_Henrik Gleitcreme

Tkill Me At Spawn

Solved EU1 (Battle) The_Pirate lEald


Solved EU2 (Siege) Klobuerste Forax

Jock Teamhitting :c

Solved EU1 (Battle) Mighty Kyogre Weak Jock