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EU Servers

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  Title Status Server Your Character Their Characters

Spammyjew Was Insulting Me.

Solved EU1 (Battle) Vendetta SpammyJew

Random Teamhit

Solved EU1 (Battle) NinjaDuck_III X3RX3S

Mous Insulted In French

Solved EU1 (Battle) TigerB Moush

Mous Die Intentionnal For Acheviments H...

Solved EU1 (Battle) TigerB MousH and warem


Rejected EU1 (Battle) Kerkis_Cav [SKOD]Henis

Shot Me Twice At Spawn.

Solved EU2 (Siege) Kyogre Kryptonite

Could You Please Stop Ignoring My Reports?

Solved EU2 (Siege) Raikage [Lawless]The_Evil_Fist


Solved EU1 (Battle) Remus AnsgarIV

Death Evade

Solved EU1 (Battle) Raikage [BOC]Eol_ aka Glorfindel

Team Hitting

Rejected EU1 (Battle) [Legion]Sir_Prussia [KoA]TedIBear

Standing Infront Of Me & Kicking Me...

Solved EU1 (Battle) Krusty InFlames2, [SkoD]Wangis


Rejected EU1 (Battle) Kerkis_woBX Raiza


Solved EU1 (Battle) TedIBear Gummibear

Walking Behind Me So So I Hit Him With...

Solved EU1 (Battle) Gooien_the_cat MrPluym_Ass

Mr_Tide Followed Remus And Th Him

Solved EU2 (Siege) [Blackhaven]Derrien_ [WK]Mr_Tide

Wk Aka Cr Archievement Glitching On Siege

Rejected EU2 (Siege) Remus_ WK guys

Bg Clan Glicth Acheviments Pyromaniac

Solved EU3 (Duel) Tiger18 BG dagoth hanstrow an...

Achievement Glitch

Solved EU3 (Duel) Anne_Malkin Estarriol Dagoth UR H...

Repot Godlyemily For Insulting

Solved EU2 (Siege) BearPeltHunter [[Doge]GodlyEmily]


Solved EU1 (Battle) Macca_2H Teobaldo