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EU Servers

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  Title Status Server Your Character Their Characters

Death Evade

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Scrub Bearishey


Solved EU1 (Battle) [WarPig*Trial]Sai_Kun Jules


Rejected EU1 (Battle) MasterFaCe Bertglir

Team Hit With Crossbow

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) Jufasto xbow_jesus

Assisting Enemy Team- Trolling

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) Jufasto Dr_Ogen

Running Into Duels

Unsolved EU3 (Duel) Amalie_Smith Ultimate_Micrazi

Kicked Me Off The Wall

Solved EU2 (Siege) [WarPig]LittleMike [HO*Lord]Sai_Kun and...

Longstride Glitching

Rejected EU2 (Siege) Flup Longstride


Solved EU2 (Siege) [Brack*MLG]Alexander_m9 JourneyDarkness

Guy Gone Mad┬▓

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Alexander_2h Megamen (?)


Unsolved EU1 (Battle) TheChosenOne [Brack]Ainmire

Guy Gone Mad

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) [BOC*DuelPotato]Trygr... alexander_2h

Teamhitting And Teamattacking

Solved EU1 (Battle) Koenig_Leonidas AlHaddad

Mr_Zhidovt Kicking Archers Off A Roof

Unsolved EU1 (Battle) The_Bear_Jew Mr_Zhidovt

Teamhitter And Glitching

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) Flup Sir_Kieran

Team Hitting After Accident Team Hit

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Antiochus Zhidovt

Teamhitting 2 Times

Solved EU1 (Battle) Striped Mr_Zhidovt

Team Kick Which Resulted In Death

Rejected EU1 (Battle) JingeKing Mr_Zhidovt

Solemn Is Triggerhappy

Rejected EU1 (Battle) Mighty_Matt_I Okuma

─░ntentional Team Kill

Solved EU2 (Siege) Jufasto Pakiko_Of_Castille