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Same Thing From Below

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) [RoseCroix]Itsuki Illegal_immigrant

Intentionally Kicking Me, Prevent Me Fr...

Unsolved EU2 (Siege) [RoseCroix]Itsuki Illegal_immigrant

Cylbka - Rdm

Solved EU1 (Battle) Fowl CyLbKa


Rejected EU1 (Battle) [RoseCroix]Itsuki [FI*Duo]Yeyks

Standing Where He'd Get Hit

Solved EU2 (Siege) Newb_2h Piquebot


Solved EU2 (Siege) [OD]Stormtrooper [Unknown]Cancerous_Ax...

Shot In The Face For No Reason By Salty...

Solved EU1 (Battle) iRekonect I_WILL_BE_HOKAGE


Solved EU1 (Battle) Giirl [TVB]DarthPatme

Mevt Back At It Again

Solved EU2 (Siege) Mermaid_C mevt

Cows Everywhere

Solved EU1 (Battle) Kerponz Cows

Being Homophobic Scum!

Rejected EU1 (Battle) [SQ*dekkersisblackxd]... Dekkers

Sick Teamkill

Solved EU1 (Battle) Clarence_the_Mighty Hrod

Rdm For No Reason

Solved EU2 (Siege) iRekonect Big_Aponnk


Solved EU1 (Battle) Clarence_the_Mighty Askchael

Intentional Tk /trolling

Solved EU2 (Siege) [LoC*Comend]Condotiero mevt


Solved EU1 (Battle) coercion [Totenkopf]Fritzz

Deliberate Repeated Teamkilling

Solved EU1 (Battle) Mydlav Agatha_Tawer, Gaolong...

Intentional Tk

Solved EU2 (Siege) Dredd Fritzz

Insulting Clan And Members Of It

Solved EU1 (Battle) [Akritai]Zixu [Fratres]Lancelocik

Teamhitting On Purpose

Rejected EU1 (Battle) B4dBuNNy_2H Gamote