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Scary mod/ Texture modifications

Technical Support Yesterday, 08:25
Hello people of Mercenaries, the admin team figured it was finally about time to take a stance on this subject, since there have been some complaints about people and gaining unfair advantages by using either Scarymod or in some other way altering the game for their own benefit. This is in no wa...
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Aerat ban appeal

General Discussion 22 May 2019
I was banned because of door glitch after this i tried to play with another cd-key , i knew it was illegal but sorry for that , then i got 3 months ban for ban evading.When the 3 months is up and im unbanned, i start to play very peacefully without any door glitch and joined vgs, everything was f...
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What is a highest skill in the bow?

General Discussion 22 May 2019
If my character's power draw is 6, which of these bows will do more damage?
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