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Maxx & AcYaRT Confirmed Scammers

General Discussion Today, 09:39
Maxx & AcYaRT Blacklisted   so these new guys wanted a 2v2 and thought we'd give them a try... they ended up scamming so just letting people know they do not pay,   The 2x2 was for only 2k each player and they were dicks about it   ignore my music I listen to retarded thi...
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(Unofficial) Mercenaries Premier League | €400 Euro Prize...

Events Yesterday, 19:16
Hello there! Recently, I have noticed that Mercs has been very toxic and un-fun for others. So I had the grand idea of hosting a 6v6 tournament for the mod. It will be a good way for clans to have a fun time competing against other clans and a possibility that your clan could fight someone ne...
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Scary mod/ Texture modifications

Technical Support 24 May 2019
Hello people of Mercenaries, the admin team figured it was finally about time to take a stance on this subject, since there have been some complaints about people and gaining unfair advantages by using either Scarymod or in some other way altering the game for their own benefit. This is in no wa...
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