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#155244 Clan Camps

Posted by Homer on 30 July 2015 - 16:50

I'd like to announce the idea of clan camps and ask you for your opinion about it.
A clan camp is just a small area (20x20 meters, 1 meter = 1 cell) available for construction of predefined buildings and objects. Clan leaders and special members called builders will be able to construct towers, wooden sheds, stables, tents, watchtowers, place banners, spikes, crates with items and many other things. Sure, they'll need to pay for building from the clan treasury. Clan camps will be persistent.

A camp builder is a special downloadable application. You might be able to run it from browsers but I'm not sure about it at the moment. That's how it's going to look:
Camp Builder (work in progress) (Click to Show)

Such camps can be spawned on special maps in the game. The environment of camps won't be modifiable but it's possible to prepare several different environments and randomize the weather and time of day.
An in-game example of a camp (Click to Show)

Such maps will be randomly injected to the rotation on the battle server a few times a day. Sure, it will only happen if there are enough members of specific clans.

When the map starts, the game mode will be changed to Deathmatch and only members of the clan will be spawned inside the camp. There's going to be a special chest with gold (200-500) inside the camp. Any player will be able to steal the gold but then he'll need to protect it from all other enemies. If members of the clan will manage to protect the chest or return the gold, it will be added to their treasury as a reward. The map will end in 10-15 minutes.

What do you think about this idea?

Camp Builder (Video) (Click to Show)

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#194264 Graphics Modification

Posted by Homer on 17 April 2016 - 01:04

The idea is to slightly improve the native graphics without replacing the original game assets. The new set of shaders improves ligthing, adds reflections to the metal material, improves blending of terrain textures, makes edges of shadows more soft, improves fog and applies simple parallax mapping to the terrain and some other materials. The graphics modification will be optional.
You can compare it with the native graphics by clicking on the screenshots:
graphics_01_t.jpg graphics_02_t.jpg

The shaders are almost ready but now I need to adjust parameters of all materials. New screenshots will appear soon.
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#280186 Update: 1.045

Posted by Homer on 13 April 2020 - 22:41

  • Added items and item modifications: Yellow/Green/Red/Blue/Brown/Black Hose, Stitched Leather Boots, Aketon without Footwear, Aketon with Cuisses and Jack Chains, Aketon with Cuisses and Vambraces, Light Black Brigandine, Light Black Brigandine with Kneecops, Light Red/Green/Blue/Black Brigandine with Plates, Light Brown Brigandine with Jack Chains, Brown Brigandine with Long Mail, Black Brigandine, Red/Green/Blue/Brown/Black Brigandine with Plates, Leather Gauntlets, Plate Demi-Gauntlets, Plate Finger Gauntlets, Sallet, Sallet with Bevor, Kettle Hat with Blue/Green/Brown Hood, Eyeslot Kettlehat, Painted Sallet, Painted Sallet with Bevor, Sallet with Visor and Bevor, Open Sallet with Visor and Bevor.
  • Added a clan banner.
Changes in maps (Click to Show)
Items whose characteristics were adjusted (Click to Show)

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#184253 Update: 1.044

Posted by Homer on 01 February 2016 - 02:00

  • Added clan camps.
  • Added items: Long Axe with Wide Blade, Red/Black Boots with Buttons, Dark/Black Gambeson with Cape, Dark/Black/Blue Red Gambeson with Mail, Rich Coat over Lamellar Cuirass, Sarranid Armor with Plates, Purple Keffiyeh Helmet (x2), Red Keffiyeh Helmet, Small Black and White Kite Shield, Black and White/Red Heater Shield, Black and White Kite Shield (x2), Blue Kite Shield, Round Sarranid Shield (x5), Dark Bay Saddle Horse, Horse with Black Caparison, Sarranid Caparisoned Horse (x3).
  • Reworked Noble Hunter.
  • Added clan banners.
  • Fixed an issue with hit points of doors in the first round.
Clan Camps
Now any clan can build a persistent camp in Mercenaries Builder. Only leaders and builders are able to make changes in clan camps but anybody can make a non-persistent camp from scratch in the free build mode. In this mode, you don't spend real gold, but such camps won't be saved and played in the game.

If a camp meets certain requirements, there's a chance that it will be attacked by other mercenaries on the battle server. The camp scene will be injected to the normal map rotation. The time of the day and the weather may vary. The chance depends on the number of playing members and on the rating of the camp. The requirements are as follows:
  • The camp needs to have a chest and a camp fire.
  • The rating must be greater or equal to 100.
  • The clan needs to have at least 3 members on the server and there must be at least 16 players online.
Defenders will spawn around the camp fire, their aim is to protect the chest. All attackers are enemies but they can team up with somebody to attack the camp. Defenders get double rewards for killing enemies who entered the camp. However, every attacker who stays inside the camp increases the respawn period of defenders by 1 second. If somebody manages to loot the chest, attackers should find him and return the gold back to the chest. The saved gold will be added to the clan's treasury as a reward. Even if the chest is empty, the stolen gold won't be taken from the clan's treasury. So, clans do not lose anything.

An example of a camp (Click to Show)
Demonstration of Mercenaries Builder (Click to Show)
In-game screenshots of the camp scene (Click to Show)
Notes (Click to Show)

Additional Information
Changes in maps (Click to Show)
Items whose characteristics were adjusted (Click to Show)

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#82844 Upcoming Update

Posted by Homer on 15 December 2013 - 16:25

I would like to say that the update will be released this year. So, less than two weeks left. Sorry that too much time passed since the last update. I will try to reorganize my work and release updates more often in the future.
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#182494 Mercs Memes (official)

Posted by wangchan on 20 January 2016 - 21:45

This is the only official thread for memes of mercs.


Post your shit here cos i know it will be pro....I will be updating this shit with the best and most recent memes.


Below are the the recent memes, check the spoilers for our classic memes!


YTN7b7x.png                                     sgoWhBa.png








Aioy3q7.png                           VXbYj6u.png






Meme 1 (Click to Show)
Meme 2 (Click to Show)


Meme3 (Click to Show)
Meme4 (Click to Show)

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#142016 The Varangian Guard Recruiting

Posted by Hugoboss on 18 May 2015 - 17:29

JLoDxAK.pngThe Varangian Guard JLoDxAK.png




The Varangian Guards is now a long gone order of the past. in its wake a new empire was founded, The Emperium. 

 New teamspeak, with improved icons, Server icons and whole lot, also bigger! 66th.teamspeak3.com


Clanwar History:

Spoiler (Click to Show)


Clan W/L 

Spoiler (Click to Show)



Treasury & Loans:

Spoiler (Click to Show)





Spoiler (Click to Show)


So you wish to join the Varangian Guards? Fill out this Form


Merc name:




Place of origin*


Why do you wish to join?


Warband Experience*?


What former clans have you been in?


What is your preferred class to play?*


Will you obey our dress code?*


What can you help VGS with?*


What are your goals in VGS?*




Are you willing to come to teamspeak and be active on it (if you do wish to do so) 


*  Not needed to fill or answer. but is appreciated 


Varangian Fan art (Click to Show)


Varangian Videos & Gameplay (Click to Show)


Varangian Gear & Armour code of conduct (Click to Show)

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#144066 Update: 1.043

Posted by Homer on 26 May 2015 - 23:27

  • Added items: Sword with Knuckle-Bow, Assassin's Hood, Short-Tailed Sallet, Kettle Hat with High Top Point, Cross-Hilt Dagger, Throwing Knife, Arch-Shaped Throwing Axe.
  • Added modifications: Heavy Padded Leather with Cowl/Hood, Short-Tailed Sallet with Grey/Black Mask, Short-Tailed Sallet with Wreath, Light Green/Red/Blue Brigandine with Cuisses, Green/Red/Blue Brigandine with Cuisses, Aketon with Kneecops, Aketon with Black Cuisses.
  • Added maps: Village on the Hill (battle), Ambean Castle (siege), Ahmerrad Arena (duel).
  • Added 19 clan banners.
  • Added scores to the in-game scoreboard.
  • The Strong Back perk allows to carry up to 3 bags of throwing weapons but limits the total weight of the bags to 5.0.
  • Disallowed to shoot long bows while jumping.
  • Disallowed all actions while rearing.
  • The master of the field mode starts 30 seconds eariler.
  • Allowed cheering while crouching.
  • Removed female versions of Bambakion and Blue Gambeson over Mail Shirt. poll
  • Added total fame to the clan page and the leaderboard.
  • Added clan advantages: Spear Supply, Appreciation of Cartwrights. Reduced the cost of Shield Supply.
  • Reworked the list of recent achievements.
  • Slightly reworked the leaderboard. Now the dependence on the K/D ratio is non-linear.
  • Implemented personal weapon statistics as an additional service for donators. link
Additional Information
In-game scores (Click to Show)
Changes in maps (Click to Show)
Items whose characteristics were adjusted (Click to Show)
That's how the personal weapon statistics look (Click to Show)

New maps
Village on the Hill (Click to Show)
Ambean Castle (Click to Show)
Ahmerrad Arena (you can remember it from the 2 vs 2 tournament) (Click to Show)

Some of the new custom versions
All three custom versions of the aketon (Click to Show)
Custom versions of the brigandines (Click to Show)

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Posted by wangchan on 31 October 2014 - 13:25










Ich bin wangeldo, und heute zeigen wir euch den ultimativen shiebe

Bist du verdammt verruckt verdammten mit uns in this mod, we slay all cluckers!

Mercenaries, Gold controls all, and I must mention, homer is the owner

Steppe fur cap, Leather gloves, pelt coat, blue hose, Now everybody knowns this is  wangeldo

Smash down the door, press B and you shout
Then you get hit with an axe, in your mouth

Open up steam, warband, Mercenaries,
 EU1, Red or Green, I choose any

Because it doesn’t matter,  I will get killed anyway,
Because I get about 2 fucking kills a day

fuck the Native, and fuck CRPG,
Mercenaries mod, is the place to be!
Battle, is the main mode we play,
but we play siege at happy hour everyday!

plenty of  archers,  spawn, get sniped by sandorra
killing with ease, arrows in ya knees by Pandora

Godlybrit and mitsu fill your body holes
their  bodkins fly, and insert ya marrow!

Pulling out bodkins, from the muthafucking quiver
and then you get a fucking arrow in ya liver

Breaking the rules, on the server with Dawlish,
and then he bans your ass, for acting foolish
At his computer with a cheese pickle sandwich
and then he cuts you in half, bitch

I got my pitchfork and SolemN got his sword
slice and dicing shit, like a cohort


We fucking raid villages, in the night,

then after we Wreck your ass, we say good fight!

Killing lucker of shut noobs
after the battle ends, you will have many cut wounds

Killed by your teammates, so you reported them
But then it got rejected, by luitenent,

the cutemuffin, start slaying noobs
and making crazy duels, next thing you know, he’s sword in you

you cant mess with thee, korpiklaani
Skytime, gooien flup, and nagi,
Hunt down your ass, from here to finland
Because half of korpi is admin, you will get banned.

I remember when ninjaduck , came to this mod,
and we merged hugger with the second reich of SKoD

Wang is the alligator, of mercs
I will lay in wait, and when you come close, I will rape ya

all noobs, you cant afford shit from the market shop
that is because you got scammed by jock,

Me and katniss in battle,  will cover me
and put the blade, into your kidney

Leionidas says, wtf I covered my shit,
Spammer of shit how the fuck did I get hit

Protect  the gate tower, I jump down the ladder,
Get fucked in the ass, all during happy hour

I got my handgonne, pointed, at the gate,
And when that shit breaks, I shoot em, in the face

Arcars K/D, is always twenty to zero
and when he is last, everyone shouts hero!

Me and sleekphantom double team handgonne
pull the trigger and all enemies are gone

bloedwoud, 100% metal,

and she will put the dagger, in your neck, then backpeddle
we are the perfect combo, fast and slow
and we will destroy your ass, gf tho!!

 my first ever clan in this mod was SKoD
and what is my clan now?....thats right bitch, SKoD!
when I arrived here, Nobody liked me, that is because, I am so fucking crazy!
But people got used to me, because they understand, that wangeldo is a part, of mercenaries!

If you got a problem with mercs, come to EU3,
Talking that shit whose best, we will see
you will get your ass destroyed by piotes
and then smashed to pieces by Doori

Tintin 1 on 1 fight, he will win
Stormcrows blade blows will do your shit in

Remus vendetta, and also wang,
we are known as the fear less gang
We rape rob and loot and it doesn’t matter what we do
because in this mod we all get paid

Me and remus megalodon, ultimativen SKoD

Farschule, and realschule plus adenau

Nicht mit mir ficken, Wang ist die beste weitaus
Und sie wissen, Das ist wahre

Frank Horse archer will kill your ass from away
and Rojen is the original HA

fuck with bert, your ass might get hurt,
blade to the neck, now you dead on the dirt

stronk players , delocin and trygrek
and slowly, enter the weapon, in your head

When I am last, I don’t fucking run,
I will grab my pitchfork and say you bitches, come


I will duel your team, on my own, if you wanna fight
I am fucking crazy  don’t care if I die
SKod and eldos run at ya

Wangeldo  encrypted

Alhaddad I Wangeldo PL, encrypted

Prussia, only mercs player in history
to have a character, that has plastic surgery

Him and pepper, will duel you whenever
you can feint all you want but your neck will get severed,

Vortigoat, slaying enemies and kicking down doors
and the he says, blood for khorne

The real players know all about cement chin
gwiahir and cement, you get end by him

Gwaihir the, original farmer
the main reason, I no longer wear armour!
Poorfarmer, of the Gnni clan, Fuck with us,  and your ass will get bang

Koray, also known as korayeldo,
milo ice kerem, you cant duel with them

Holly sheep, will get your rekt!
get close to him, 1 hander, in your chest!

U like u like? Magst du mein shiebe?
Shot by sandorra, LeeeL mein penner!!

Lastknightofcydonia, and bearjew, they will start ownin ya
Sliced from behind by spruce moose,
B.O.C, mercenaries Rap 3, purple and white ultimate unicorn,
and then you get impaled by the horn


Tried to climb the ladder, got smashed by hugo
all it took was one blow to the head, down you go

what the fuck you gonna do to me…
When I press B and run through you all
and make you kill your team!

Tywin Tywin, will rekt your whole team
you know you get raped, so you stand there, and scream

Me and rolfy, back to back with shotguns
press V and aim and watch all noobs run
Rofly wang und Sey,Handgonne devision of SKoD
try to pass, clucker you will not

Wangeldo, Is a saltwater crocodile
Tearing up the shit out of all hostiles

Ivy apple Cor , ultimate cavalry
she will lance your shit , for trying to catch me

And fitness bitch, also known as fitness babe
they always love wang, because wang will never change

dula dula slick malajeck, you will get rekt
say goodnight, before I put you to bed

The vibrator, uses his bow to wound ya
but he will be back to attack, and end you later

Tried to run from the duel with Okoice, but you had no choice
now all they hear is your death voice!

Mighty_ matt will knock you flat on your back
no arrows or swords or bolts can stop the attack

Me and my brother jaques, you  need more than pikes and axes
to fuck with our tactics

Megaman, swing swords sever legs
hammerstyle, muthafucking crush your head


Zombie JR, cut you, make you bleed
and now you in the muthafuckin spec screen

Gowen, will chamber your blows, with his nose
others have mad skills, but they cant be wangeldo,

Gareh, also known as gareh fagcher,
ya trying to run for cover when the arrows fly at ya

Don’t ever try to duel with araguil, because he has mad skills,
and gets mad kills

Italian dildo and his crew, running around naked, with only shields
Because in mercenaries, you could use a piece of wood, or a muthafucking sword
you will still reach the scoreboard

And for euronymous killing and slaying is a must,
this is mercenaries you cant fuck with us

And celtic, where the fuck did you go,
nobody knows, now you missing the show

I like showing off, that’s what my rares are for
but you will still see me with blue hose and fucking pitchfork

enter at your own risk, mercenaries
all noobs get sliced up in a hurry

Don’t come here and you think you can rule break
because youll get banned by admins for three days

We don’t tolerate any shit, in our mod
you will get your ass rekt , by homer the god

unleash anguy, you cant do nothing but die,
and you will try, to fight, but your blood will fly

Sir bait, also known as dusty
end your life quick with a cleaver, to your spine

In my first days, of mercenaries, I was a tincan, and a staff is what I carried
I will troll you, and run away, don’t try to chase me cos you wont catch me today


Wang will put his tackstock schwank to your neck like a knife
and make you beg for your motherfucking  life

I was also the leader of FO and DO, I don’t know why, wang is just so fucking pro
Those clans were merged to form EO, But I couldn’t be bothered with that shit, so I disbanded it

Purin, with him, you know your in, trouble
cut into cubes like ice, in a blood puddle

What were you thinking, messing with xavis
maximum armour and skills, you cant have this

Hegen AKA brot, will give you a nice chop
to your neck, and watch your body drop

Craver, also known as last bastard king
cluckers step back, when his weapon swings

ultimate Italian, Arcan
Rekt your ass so hard, that he might get banned

like all true players of mercs, don’t mess with zhidovt
because in the end your life will get lost

homer is the boss, the game is lagging, is it the new update?
I hope so,  I cant fucking wait
Who here loves me, and who here fancies me?
Everybody does, cos I am wangy

Every mercenaries players in an eldo,
you can deny it, but  we know, youre lying tho

And drake, with his weapons, your virginity he will take
make your period late, bitch

Yo, we have defoe, can you wreck him no?
from eu from ru, he’ll make the blood flow

in game I give anton my handgonne,
then together, we will wreck all and whoever

Welsh_lad, take your ass from back
he will destroy your team with infantry or cav

And gaz, he will throw jav, in your ass

while jepekula hunts your ass on the regular

Beargrylls, the warrior, not the actor
with the morning star, crushthrough, shield shatter

Me and trollzor, watching bodies hit the floor
SKoD and eldo, you don’t know what youre in for

Leroy, ultimate schimitar warrior
duel him, hopeless, he will destroy ya

kloney will own your ass so hard
no matter where you are  he will reach you, and tear your ass apart

me and Molly_mc gay, destroy you anyday
1 v 1 or 1 v 5 she will rape, anyway

Mojo, also known as emcore,
with wang plus any player we equals hardcore

pajkman also known teoiss
ultimate eldos, you know you cant diss thiss

we have Egerton, you will never better than
pros like us, rape eu1 from dawn to dusk

John, will own your ass with mcshadow,
and godzilla, rober and vakones, will break your bones

eydrian, Famous batman mask,
old master of the RE and stronkest in his class

Siraleks ,master of the muthafucking RE
we will chase and rape you in the swadian city

Stronk ultimate players, me and atti
enter the battle, go crazy and start attacking

Wangeldo 10 athletics, many energy
for raping your ass with herishey

Mous steal my handgonne, and he started to run,
noob  player tried to do the same and got rape


Lancerlot got banned, and lost his admin rights
but I said he will be back, and I was right
Lancerlot likes to, lance a lot,
rekt your ass with cav, or with bluetoe you get shot
He got banned again while writing this rap
But like I said before, He will be back

And they still havnt found the, one named jimmy Saville,
Rapeing the land, on the loose like an animal
Ex member of the daggers, when he enters the village, they hear his name
 and they muthafucking scatter

You may know me as wangeldo, and wangchan
I didn’t change my name, you know who I fucking am

Do you speak the Mexican city, it doesn’t matter, cos you cant catch me

Me and baumyeldo SKoD out of control
We wreck destroy and put on an eldo show

I have no fear, I don’t care how many you are, all you will hear is wang saying
I will run all among you, and twist you up, because I am eldo, I will fuck you up

Wangy will always be here, the most crazy player
fucking with mercs, then you can say, youre prayers

And don’t worry about the bannerlord, and what will we do
homer will make mercenaries mod 2

And at that time, you will see wang again, but until then,
you can find me in game,

and will I make mercenaries rap 4? I don’t know, lets see how the community responds

Muthafucka, fuck the fucking world, Dawlish knows I will win many oscars

and everybody who says they wasn’t in this rap, you should have  come to the fucking forum , and that’s that! !! Rekt…gf tho…u like? Buenooo…


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#141155 A Letter to Homer

Posted by wangchan on 14 May 2015 - 22:06



62236924.jpg 62237150.jpg

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#272990 Harboring Banevaders

Posted by Tjav on 15 June 2019 - 19:19

Hello dear community, as many of you know, it is quite easy to banevade in Warband, and therefore it is an ongoing struggle to try and keep permabanned people banned. Sadly we have been able to observe for quite some time now, that banevaders will be allowed back into their old clans, and entire clans keeping quiet about it.


After lengthy discussions in the admin group, we have come to the conclusion that people who have been found harboring and or helping banevaders will now be facing consequences aswell. Every time we find a case where a clanleader has accepted a banevader into their clan, or people having helped them in different ways, we will have discussions in the admin group, in order to determine the likelihood of the individuals knowing who said person is/was.


1st time a banevader is caught, and we find that the person very likely knew or should have known it was a banevader, will result in a 14 day ban for the person(s)


2nd time it will result in a 30 day ban.


3rd time it will result in a ban for an undetermined amount of time.


We do apologize for this rather harsh rule, but we have found it to be necessary since there are some people who don't seem to understand the concept of a ban.


The Admin Team 

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#286929 Server language policy

Posted by sandorra on 20 March 2021 - 18:21



Month ago we brought on the subject of enforcing english as the primary language on the servers. This notion has been put through, and will be effective starting monday 22nd of march. 
We are aware that this new policy is not in favour of everyone, but feel it will be for the best of the community. 

I feel necessary to remind everyone that this is NOT a total prohibition of languages other than english. You are allowed to speak briefly, however english should be your primary language on the public or team chats. 

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#222979 I have erased Eunukkimies from the forums

Posted by Dawlish on 07 March 2017 - 00:53

Rejoice all, I have returned for one evening and rid you of his pestilence finally.
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#149694 Enough is Enough

Posted by wangchan on 25 June 2015 - 13:07

The mod is falling apart, and why?


Because EVERY class is over powered!!!


We have archers shooting people with arrows....swordsmen killing people with swords and even shielders blocking hits and people riding horses!!!!


For example, how many times have you been killed by a flamberge while wearing no armour?! this is unnaceptable!!


How many times, have we been lanced by a super heavy cav at full speed and died instantly? this is unbelievable and unfair!!


I mean, we get killed if we get hit in the head by a projectile weapon, this is rediculous and arrows to the head should do less damage, maybe 5 - 6 headhsots to kill.



Here is a list of the following nerfs that should be added to the game to make the game more realistic, fair and less over powered weapons.




Flamberge 7100 item_gold.png

Swing: 45c Thrust: 20p Speed: 84 Length: 140 Weight: 4 Difficulty: 20

Handle spikes may cut the user, causing blood loss (5 health points every 10 seconds)





Handgonne you have one item_rare.png

Thrust: 80p Speed: 19 Shoot speed: 65 Ammo: 1 Weight: 3.5

May explode when fired, killing all players within a 10 metre radius.





Desert Horse 9100 item_gold.png

Hit points: 100 Body armor: 16 Speed: 45 Maneuver: 48 Charge: 12Difficulty: 3

Can run fast only for 5 seconds, Horse becomes tired quickly and wont move. (find water to help horse)






Barded Horse 13500 item_gold.png

Hit points: 125 Body armor: 30 Speed: 43 Maneuver: 42 Charge: 24Difficulty: 4

This is an untrained horse breed, it may lose control and kill the rider.





Sarranid Cavalry Sword 4350 item_gold.png

Swing: 33c Thrust: 22p Speed: 95 Length: 105 Weight: 1.8Difficulty: 14


Made by an illegal immigrant in a shitty tent, sword may bend when hitting enemies, making the sword do blunt damage.



Scimitar 2100 item_gold.png

Swing: 31c Speed: 99 Length: 96 Weight: 1.3 Difficulty: 10

Blade my fall out from the hilt, flying in a random direction possibly killing teammates.




Practice Sword 40 item_gold.png

Swing: 14b Thrust: 17b Speed: 102 Length: 100 Weight: 0.8

May splinter and cut your hand, causing half damage.




Strong Bow 3700 item_gold.png

Thrust: 22p Speed: 56 Shoot speed: 51 Weight: 1.3 Difficulty: 4Highest skill: 8

May break during use, hurting your hand, you will be unable to use other weapons because of broken hand.






Hunting Bow 400 item_gold.png

Thrust: 17p Speed: 65 Shoot speed: 48 Weight: 1 Difficulty: 1Highest skill: 5

May get caught around users neck, leading to strangulation for 5 seconds.





Heavy Crossbow 5700 item_gold.png

Thrust: 54p Speed: 24 Shoot speed: 62 Weight: 3.5 Difficulty: 3

String may break, launching the bolt backwards into the user.





Morningstar 6000 item_gold.png

Swing: 34p Speed: 92 Length: 85 Weight: 5 Difficulty: 18

Has a chance to hit the users back, causing severe damage.





Sledgehammer 1900 item_gold.png

Swing: 39b Speed: 75 Length: 72 Weight: 8 Difficulty: 21

May cause user to fall down due to heavy weight, cannot stand up for 5 seconds (hold C to recover)




Spike you have one

Overhead: 15b Thrust: 21p Speed: 95 Length: 116 Weight: 2

User may fall over on spike, causing 70% damage.






Heavy Great Lance 5150 item_gold.png

Thrust: 33p Speed: 55 Length: 225 Weight: 4 Difficulty: 20

Makes user tired, chance of dropping the weapon due to fatigue.






Elegant Poleaxe 6000 item_gold.png

Swing: 39c Thrust: 26p Speed: 90 Length: 135 Weight: 3.3Difficulty: 15

May break users left arm.






Throwing Knife you have one

Thrust: 24c Speed: 118 Shoot speed: 25 Ammo: 5 Weight: 0.5

Chance to cut fingers when throwing, causing severe damage.






Torch 200 item_gold.png

Thrust: 15b Speed: 104 Shoot speed: 15 Ammo: 1 Weight: 1

May set user on fire if held for too long







Heavy Round Shield 3000 item_gold.png

Hit points: 360 Body armor: 20 Speed: 84 Width: 50 Weight: 4.5Difficulty: 4

When shield breaks, shards of metal and wood fly into the user, causing instant death.




Arbalest 7800 item_gold.png

Thrust: 58p Speed: 22 Shoot speed: 64 Weight: 4 Difficulty: 4

Fingers may get stuck in mechanism, causing 50% damage (can no longer reload)




War Bow 5100 item_gold.png

Thrust: 23p Speed: 50 Shoot speed: 56 Weight: 1.5 Difficulty: 6Highest skill: 10

Bow may become posessed by spirit of sandorra, killing the user instantly.






Bodkin Arrows 1800 item_gold.png

Thrust: 2p Length: 91 Ammo: 19 Weight: 1.5

May slip out of users hand causing random shooting.



Sarranian War Horse 28000 item_gold.png

Hit points: 140 Body armor: 51 Speed: 38 Maneuver: 36 Charge: 36Difficulty: 6

Horse may become sick of wearing heavy armour and will refuse to move. (take armour off horse to make it move again, hold C)




Great Long Bardiche 4900 item_gold.png

Swing: 45c Thrust: 20p Speed: 85 Length: 155 Weight: 3.5Difficulty: 17

Made from rotting wood, the handle may snap, causing death to the user.


Long Hafted Knobbed Mace 2710 item_gold.png

Swing: 28b Thrust: 21b Speed: 94 Length: 133 Weight: 2.5Difficulty: 14

Rock may fall off the end of the pole, killing teammates.


Long Dagger you have one

Thrust: 25p Speed: 98 Length: 48 Weight: 0.3

Chance of breaking the users wrist



This is only a few of the serious nerfs we need for the game items...



Homer..it has been long enough...we need to fix this mod now...you know what is right.



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#84413 Update: v1.039

Posted by Homer on 31 December 2013 - 19:49

  • Added items: Red/Green Corazzina, Woolen Cap, Felt Hat, Sarranid Felt Hat, Desert Warrior Cap, Onion-Top Bascinet, Bamboo Spear, Vaegir Ankle Boots, Hide Covered Shield, Black and White Kite Shield, Leather Covered Kite Shield, Kite Shield (black and white with a red cross), Light Dart, Light Throwing Axe.
  • Added item custom variants: Heavy Splinted Greaves with Spurs, Kettle Hat with Wreath, Vaegir Guard Armor with Green Tunic, Noble Plate with Red Gambeson, Masterwork Plate with Besagew, Masterwork Plate with Great Bascinet, Vaegir Reinforced Helmet with Horsetail, Noble Great Helm with Short Mantle, Light Red/Green/Blue Brigandine with Kneecops.*
  • Reworked items: Conical Helmet, Pot Helm, Reinforced Pot Helm, Fluted Pot Helm, Black Helm, Round Black Helm.**
  • Now you can retrain perks for 10% of the full price.***
  • Implemented an anti-AFK system.****
  • Disallowed deploying of pavise shields on top of other pavises and moving siege towers.
  • Removed the sound of other players' achievements.
  • Reworked the option of muting all players.
  • Fixed the problem with missing strings in language files.
  • Adjusted characteristics of horses, weapons and some other items.
  • Buffed crossbows (accuracy, shoot speed and effectiveness agains armor).
  • Now everyone can crouch. It's possible to use shields and shoot crossbows while crouching. The perk allows to do it more effectively.
* Some already bought items can be customized for an additional price. You need to pay for modifications once. But if you sell an item, you lose all modifications too.

** The mail coif was changed to the one that looks well with Mail Hauberk, Mail Shirt, Studded Leather Coat over Mail, Heraldic Mail with Tabard, Cuir Bouilli and similar armors. Those helmets are not supposed to be used with plate armors.

*** You can reset characteristics as many times as you want, but if you don't have enough skill points to train a perk, you forget it completely. You'll need to pay the full price to train it again.

**** The settings of the AAFK system are very liberal at the moment. You need to be inactive for like 90 seconds to be moved to the spectator team.

Mail and Plate with Ailettes and Bascinet with Nose Guard have been turned into modifications. The old items were sold for the full price.

I was going to release a new picture of the main menu in the current update, but unfortunately it's not ready yet. The artist is still working on it and it will be released as soon as it's ready.

Also, I was going to edit some maps, fix the team balance issues and add new maps. Some glitches were fixed in the current update but I need a bit more time to complete other tasks. The maps are what I'm going to concentrate on.

Please discuss problems related to the crosbowmen in this thread: Crossbows.

Items whose characteristics were adjusted (Click to Show)
Changes in maps (Click to Show)

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#159075 Wangeldo - Ultimate Troll

Posted by wangchan on 22 August 2015 - 12:15







My name is Wangeldo, the ultimate Troll

And that's a damn fact that all mercs players know
Not enough warnings, so I will not get banned
I got the whole mod in the palm of my hands
Homer understands what im sayin
All eldos and all SKoD are the top trolls of gaming
Admin shut the hell up when im last
Im tryna troll, so get ya keyboard out my ass
I roll all among you, and twist you up
Pitchfork in ya neck and axe to ya nuts
I run to the edge of the map to make a last stand                 
Noobs try to report me, Becuase they envy my fans
I'm the face of mercenaries, you can't be like me
Im the W A N all the way to the G
Im the ultimate pro, rekking skills what I show
So never forget, wang is the ultimate troll
I send the server crazy when I enter (34 secs(
When was the last time that you saw someone troll better than me, never
I've changed a lot of stuff up in this mod, 
Like the way people talk and act and let em know that Im god
Im famous, all players want my signature
I got tons of gold, but no I wont give it to ya
You got a problem with me? PM homer
And I will make him act like he does not know ya
Because my reputation is damn huge
When the girls in server see me they go nude
Wangeldo, the damn troll pro, 
End your life in game, and say gf tho
People always tryna diss my name
but the stupid suckers are sittin there playin medieval games
Take another sip of the wang potion,
And let em know that wangeldo is the ultimate TROLL
MErcenaries is the mod that I claimed 61 sec
And all the suckers that hate me, are jealous of my fame
I jump off the roof when I'm last
Tell the admins I death evade but I sit there and laugh
Tryna be like me, you must be damn crazy
In this mod I'm the king and hell is what I bring
So yo take a seat, come we eat
Enter Eu1 to troll and turn up the heat
Players think their badass because they got rares
Well guess what I got more raress, but I dont wear em
Steppe fur cap, Blue hose and pelt coat
Armour is for cowards, come and chill with the eldos
Elendir is my, cameraman
helping to show, how I troll, and dont give a damn
I rape rob n loot and get rich like lotto
Wangeldo is the ultimate troll, and that's the motto
Hardcore trolling is the way that I play 88
You could never forget wang so get the hell out my way
I make a bunch suckers cry in the game and forum
But I know their jealous, so yo, I just ignore em
Haters suck on my wang like a lolly pop
So get comfortable cos Trolling dont stop!
I'm hardcore see someone rekkin, im the one
I'm last dont delay suckers come get some
Why do I troll? Becuase this is just a game
If you take this seriously, noob, you're a disgrace
Chase me in game but you just too slow,
Let's test your skills, catch this axe that I throw
Actin all mad, but you was mad anyway
Because I remind you of how you suck, everyday
you think your better than me you the biggest dumbass I know
Because wangeldo is the ultimate troll

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#290300 The End

Posted by sandorra on 16 August 2021 - 18:10

It is our unfortunate duty to inform you, that based on our last discussion with Homer, he intends to shut down the Mercenaries module at the end of the month.

This is a decision made solely by Homer due to financial reasons.

The administrative team has been made aware of this at the end of July, and we have since attempted to compromise with Homer with multiple solutions, but have been left with no answer, despite his activity on other platforms not related.

And thus, for the remaining time, we wish you all to enjoy the module as long as you can.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Due to donations, the servers get to live on. This however is still only a temporary solution, and thus you should keep on donating to ensure the continued existence of the mod.

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#258549 Community Patch

Posted by Sleekphantom on 11 August 2018 - 19:09

- Remove Clan Camps.

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#196611 ~~~ SKoD CHARITY: 700K+ GIVEAWAY ~~~

Posted by google123 on 05 May 2016 - 18:28

SKoD Clan





So... SKoD clan is starting new Giveaway for you guys!

This one will be easy... you just sign down there, choose number 1-1000

We will use random generator and choose 5 numbers, everyone of chosen will win 140k+!!!






Charity Donators: 


  • Remus - 80k
  • Alaxel - 120k
  • Wangeldo - 200k
  • Adek - 30k
  • Trace_Legacy - 300k

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS 9.5. ; 19:59 GMT+1 ; The winners will be announced 9.5. ; 20:10 GMT+1




Money for Giveaway were donated from SKoD charity, we are not responsible for any issues certaining the money sent to you. 









4th of eldomoon 11402.

My friends...fellow mercs...we have some very bad news.
Our caravan with the charity gold that was deposited in by SKoD nobles went missing.
It was supposed to arrive at the center ofKing Homer's lands 4 hours ago.
We don't know what happened yet, but we are sending our best Eldo spies to follow the trail
of the caravan and find out what happened.
4th of Eldomoon 11402. 2 hours later...
Our spies followed the trail and saw smoke in the distance.
As they were closer and closer they could smell something awful.
They arrived and what they saw was...unimaginable.
The sight was gory filled with blood. Poor dead Eldos on the ground
and some brutally pierced on stakes like shish kebabs...
We have found only one survivor of the caravan squad.
It was poor Kiwi one of the guards who were supposed to guard the caravan.
We found him sitting beneath a tree with a bleeding wound in his stomach,
with his last words he explained what happened.
It was the cursed rebel band called Raven Company.
18th of Eldomoon 11402.
After 2 weeks worth of searching we have been searching around the area
and found their hideout. 
Our best eldos were sent to get the gold back, unfortunately, gold was already transported and used for financing Raven's Army.
Eldos killed every one in their hideout during night and took only one survivor, which was killed shortly after they got the informations.
We are sorry to announce, but the SKoD charity organisation will be canceled.
Good day to all.   :D   ;)
Credits: Alaxel, Trace_Legacy

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#129918 Save the Horses OFFICIAL Campaign

Posted by SirAlecks on 02 March 2015 - 11:15



Mercenaries Wild Horse Preservation


Due to the recent modification announcement of the 1971 Cavalry law of Mercenaries that banned further nerfs to the Cavalry class,  The Mercenaries Wild Horse Preservation ONG (MWHP) wants to raise awareness of how bad idea this will be if it reaches the Mercenaries Battlefield. Say NO to more cavalry nerf, horses and riders had suffered a lot and they will not resist more nerfs.


The Issue


Spoiler (Click to Show)


The Solution


MWHP seeks a holistic and humane approach to nerfing cuestions about mercenaries cavalry and a shift away from the current policy, wich focuses on make riding horses impossible and removing them from their homes on public calradian lands. We support in-the-wild management of wild horses and burros that leaves these animals on the range where they belong, to the Support role. Solutions are actively being implemented by AWHPC and our coalition partners, working in conjunction with federal and state agencies to Keep Wild Horses Wild and free on the range where they belong. Some examples include:



· Thrifty Village Wild Horse Pilot Fertility Control Program

· RE Ruins Range Rescue and Management and Rescue Cooperative Agreements of Calradia

· SKOD Friends & the Bloewoud's Peaks Herd Management Area

· Friends of the Coursers & the Little Desert Horses 

· National Noble Hunters Association of Bariyye 


Support Us!


What are you waiting for! Support us, our goal is to raise up to 25,000 gold to finance a trip to the Atlantis to search Steve Jobs wich will help us to convince Homer not to nerf horses.

Get Involved and share this campaing with your friends and relatives. Donate so we can help the poor horses.

Our CEO will keep the money safe for the hosies. In case that you want to donate send it to: SirAlecks



Have a nice day :)

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